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Night and Puzzle Caches Bonus

Posted: 02 April 19 12:53 am
by dragonZone Guardian
Have you always wanted to set up a night cache, but never managed to actually get around to it? Well, this will hopefully get your motivation up. For the period Monday 8 – Sunday 14 April dragonZone cache hiders will collect a huge 10x bonus points for every Night cache published. Along with Night caches, the dragons have also included Unknown/Puzzle caches for this bonus period, so if you like hiding puzzles, here’s your chance to earn a few more points*.

*We all know the dragons aren't fond of caches just thrown together using a container not fit for purpose, or a cache placed in locations that don't really deserve a cache, just to score the bonus points.

Take pride in both your cache preparation and location and the finders of your cache will appreciate it, as will the dragons.

Re: Night and Puzzle Caches Bonus

Posted: 03 April 19 6:51 am
by Kittykatch
I am hoping to get a night cache out. I had to order some reflective tape but should arrive in time. Will see if I have time to get it out to earn those lovely bonus points :)