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Senate Wrap Up

Posted: 01 May 19 10:16 am
by Geocaching Australia
The Senate will be wrapped up at the end of April 2019. Future direction for the website will be set and guided by the community. Goals will be set by the community and actions to achieve the goals will be guided by the community. Funding for the website site will be generated from sales or donations via the Geocaching Australia shop. Geocaching Australia depends on you as a community to make the site successful. Be part of the success and direction of Geocaching Australia by joining in discussions, presenting ideas for consideration and discussion, setting goals that will help Geocaching Australia to grow and thrive, supporting the site financially by making a donation or buying some of the products from the shop. With a community of hiders, finders and supporters we will continue to grow into the future and we hope you can be an active part of the growth.