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who needs a backpack,.. Ive got SEV v3.0

Posted: 13 October 06 3:59 pm
by Pesky!
42 pockets and comparments, and now SOLAR POWER!


A post some time ago announced V2.0, so this is just an update

you can have your own V3.0 jacket for only $975Au

Full details

Posted: 13 October 06 4:42 pm
by Papa Bear_Left
I've had one of the non-solar-powered SeV Sports2.0 for a couple of years now, and I just about live in it when the weather's suitable!

In ChCh I could wear it all year 'round except for a couple of weeks in summer or when a serious winter jacket was required.

Seriously, it's great to have enough pockets to carry all the gadgets that we accumulate, and to be able to have some of them wired together throught the lining.

It's too warm here in Perth to wear a jacket for more than a couple of months a year, or else I'd've bought a new one to replace my current one (that's getting a bit daggy from all the use!)

Posted: 13 October 06 5:08 pm
by setsujoku
I want one :!: :!: :!:

hmm now to start a whip around work for donations :D

Posted: 13 October 06 6:44 pm
by Papa Bear_Left
They often have specials, so go to and get on their mailing list (or check the site occasionally)

You'll need someone in the States for them to send it to, who can then post it to you. SeV will only use a courier service, and it's a good thing that the sleeves on these things are removable, since the couriers charge an arm and a leg! Postage should only be USD10-15 or so, and the jackets are often down around the USD45-50.

So you might only need to nick the petty cash box, not the payroll!

(I typed petty cache first!)

Posted: 13 October 06 10:16 pm
by Bronze
Do they come in Fluro Yellow -

I like to be seen when caching.


Posted: 21 October 06 11:51 am
by Shifter Brains
Hey Pesky!

<p>How about one as your next FTF prize?? :D </p>