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Posted: 24 December 04 12:41 pm
by Bronze
So what is it you do. When your not at work (or retired) and your not at a cache site, how else do you fill your time. I'm sure the majority of us have similar hobbies and just don't realise it.

Post you other hobbies and perhaps a link for what else you spend your time on.


Posted: 24 December 04 12:45 pm
by Bronze
(1) Anything VW. I organise BBQ's, photograph events and build and destroy my own VW's.
(2) Scouting - I am an assistant leader at the local scout hall and enjoy camping and organising camps.
(3) DVD's and Videos - Apart from the net I like a Sunday afternoon watching a flick with the wife and or kids.
Image ... n11-04.htm
Our latest trip at Stockton Sand dunes. My Baja is not present as it's currently being rebuilt. I was the Photographer for this trip and a couple of past events. Will be back again in Easter with my Baja hopefully.


Posted: 24 December 04 1:57 pm
by ideology
awesome pics and vids bronze!

we like anything that is fast and noisy!

we scream around in the i! cacheracer and the i! geokart at any opportunity. our main hobby is flying the i! geocopter. we had an awesome to trip to sweers island earlier this year. we're planning to circumnavigate australia next year!

Posted: 24 December 04 3:01 pm
by EcoTeam
We go Canyoning, to the Gym most days, renovate the Eco House, and EcoDave plays with his Electronics stuff when EcoNic isn't watching :wink:

EcoDave :)

Posted: 24 December 04 4:10 pm
by Bronze
Cool stuff guys. Love the rides i!. That looked like a great trip. You would have seen a lot of great country, from above.

What a cool house Dave - Literally. This year we are saving for our own place. It will definately be an Eco home too. Loved the use of the data logger. I was supposed to pinch sciences these holidays but it was not to be.

Keep em coming guys.


Posted: 24 December 04 4:51 pm
by Aushiker
Not in the same league as those who have gone before but my main and very time consuming, eh hobby, is bushwalking and geartesting, and oh the kids :D. Add to that a private business, <a href=""></a>.
Details on the bushwalking can be found at <a href=""></a> and I also lead walks for <a href="">Perth Bushwalkers Club</a> and am a past President.
Related to that I am the List Modertor and Senior Edit Moderator for <a href=""></a> where we test backpacking (bushwalking) gear for manufacturer's internationally. All volunteer stuff, but very time consuming on the admin side <== my role .... stupid me :)
All that plus work, takes a hell of lot of time which somehow I manage to squeeze in a bit of geocaching.

Posted: 24 December 04 7:09 pm
by Hounddog
Surfing the Net for all sorts of stuff (Many Hours are spent here) :)
Gasbaging on CB Radio (2 hours a day) :)
Weather Watching (sometimes) :)
Scanning and SW listening (occaisionaly) :)
Listen to all types of music.(when I get the chance) :)
Playing with my Cats (daily) :)
Playing with my Dog (all the time) :)
Feeding my Fish. (When they jump out of the pond and bite me) :)
Going 4WD driving. (I wish more often) :)
Watching Television. (For the news) :)
Talking to the wife* (sometimes) :)
Going to the movies (Rarely, even though I have a perpetual Gold Pass) :)
Eating Out (a great portion of which is at Mcdonalds) :)


That's if she's still talking to me. :P

Posted: 25 December 04 9:01 pm
by Dingbats
- bushwalking (& some canyoning, hopefully to increase)<br>
- rogaining<br>
- cycling & mtbing (a little mtb orienteering)<br>
- camping (& some 4wding)<br>
- freediving / spearfishing (no so much lately :()<br>
- fire fighting (NSWFB retained Balgownie member)<br>
- fire fighting competition<br>
- home brewing & drinking<br>
- if I can loose a little more weight we're considering taking up climbing again.<br>

Posted: 25 December 04 11:40 pm
OK Hounddog I saw that. Gee if I talk I am told I am nagging. :P
We are both very happy with our other hobbies and respect each others desires.
We share a few hobbies but we also like our solitude. I spend a lot of time with my craft work be it cross stitching, scrapbooking, knitting to name a few.
The one thing Hounddog forgot to tell you about is our love for our five grandchildren. They brighten our day and give hope for the future.

Posted: 26 December 04 12:24 am
by Richary
Well, I've always liked bushwalking and 4WDing so caching fits into that. The other hobby is listening to long distance radio (DXing). Not transmitting like hams. When I lived on the east coast of Oz North America on MW was fairly common, with FM & TV reception from NZ happening a few times a year. Now I've moved to Adelaide it's a bit harder, but the Asian stations are more common when you get out of town with a good length of wire. I am the Chief Editor for the Australian Radio DX Club (means I get the sections each month from the people and glue it together in a PDF).

Posted: 26 December 04 10:38 am
by dak's Emu Mob
Hounddog wrote:Going to the movies (Rarely, even though I have a perpetual Gold Pass) :)
If you're not using it,send it to:
dak's Emu Mob<br>
PO Box 293<br>
BENTLEIGH VIC 3204 :wink:
As regards hobbies, I collect Australian stamps, with the accent on decimal issues. I also collect Australian beer labels. (If anyone has some that they don't know what to do with, please send them to the above address. :D )
Both of these hobbies have been suffering from severe neglect (especially the beer labels) since 21 September 2003, when I found my first cache.

Posted: 27 December 04 12:20 am
by Rey
Have guitar lessons and practice (supposed to be) daily :D ,
surf around a bit on the net,
build/upgrade/repair PC's when the mood strikes me,
spend quality time with my partner,
and sometimes, we Geocache!
I say 'sometimes' because we havn't been for over a month... gotto get back out there now that Christmas is done with :wink:

Posted: 27 December 04 12:44 pm
by teamkittens
In general, our hobbies involve being away from the city as much as possible.....
When there isn't snow..... <BR>
rock-climbing and bouldering (Megan's favourite pastime :))<BR>
white-water kayaking (Alex does more of it, Megan does less) <BR>
or rafting (boring in comparison)<BR>
cycling and mountain biking <BR>
and rogaining (or cyclogaining or snogaining) though we haven't done much of it lately<BR>
and any interesting adventure races that come our way (when we're feeling fit enough)<BR>
when there IS snow.....<BR>
cross-country skiing - on track<BR>
back-country touring and snow camping - off track :)<BR>
and the new found love of telemarking, either resort or back country
Alex also tends to play with computers a lot. And is currently building a wooden sea kayak in the garage.<br>
Edit: obligatory Hobby Photos (tm) added from most recent hiking trip: :D<br>

Posted: 27 December 04 2:52 pm
by Dernel

In general, like to bush walk, do the occassional overnight hike, car camping occassionally.

A little bit of mountainbike riding, and also play around with amateur radio a bit, more with digital modes ie Slow Scan TV and PSK 31 modes.

Love technology and beer and wine..and good humour!!


Posted: 27 December 04 10:29 pm
by Bronze
Great stuff guys - really diverse interests.

Don't forget to post link to your hobbies. That DXing is a new one for me. I'd like to find out more of that. The Snow stuff would be good too but at 7 hours away and the expense it's a once a year opportunity for us.

Grandkids I don't have yet as were still dealing with kids. I can imagine how it's going to be though as we are staying at my boys grandparents in Newcastle (West = Edgeworth) at the moment.