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Geogearheads podcast - Geocaching Australia episode

Posted: 21 November 17 6:09 pm
by MavEtJu
This Friday at 13:00 the Geogearheads podcast will record their Geocaching Australia episode!

Ziggiau in her role as NSW Senator will be the main character, and I've been asked to be there as a GCA user.

You can follow the live recording at ..., with a chance to be part of the peanut gallery in the live chat. Afterwards it can be downloaded as an MP3 or watched on Youtube at the same URL.

Keep your fingers crossed that it will be a positive and educative experience for the overseas cachers!


Re: Geogearheads podcast - Geocaching Australia episode

Posted: 24 November 17 4:57 pm
by MavEtJu
it's up at

ziggiau and Team MavEtJu share some information about Geocaching Australia for the three hundred eighth edition of the GeoGearHeads. The listing service offers some different cache types, Trig Points, and games. The Dragon Zone in an ongoing game but there are seasonal ones as well (including the upcoming States of the Nation. There are also Projects like ICEM (based on the song) and Burke & Wills. Android users can download GA Cacher and iOS users Geocube to get live access on their smartphones.

Enjoy! Edwin