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Duck hunting season

Posted: 01 August 17 3:16 pm
by No_Tomorrow
Rumour has it that there is an old duck with worms hiding among the ravines near Newnes. Why would you want to go hunting for this disgusting duck? Well this one is legendary - it's almost as old as geocaching, will trade treasures with you, and we're not sure if this legendary duck is still alive. It was last seen 10 years ago!

The thing is, this duck is not alone - there are a number of geocaches in the area and, this weekend specifically, geocachers too.

The duck I'm talking about is i!2:Duck at the glow worm tunnel.

I'm heading up to the FYAOIL event this weekend and am going duck hunting. I have a few questions though...

1. Anyone want to join me? I'm still trying to figure out if I should duck hunt Saturday or Sunday.
2. If it is missing should I replace it to keep it alive? Ideology is nonresponsive.
3. How will I know if it is missing and not just my poor hunting skills? Maybe a past finder could privately send a hint or two that I promise not to read till after a good hunt.

Your thoughts?

Re: Duck hunting season

Posted: 02 August 17 8:57 pm
by Sol de Lune
All just my opinion....and no doubt others may have other opinions.

1. I've attended a few events up that way but can't make this one. Have fun.

2. Look for the cache and if you can't find it, place a needs maintenance on it. If nothing happens within a certain time frame....28 days maybe....log a needs archiving. I realise the cache is an older GCA cache, however as the owner has not played the game for a while the cache should be archived if its not there. I'm not a fan of a throw down.

While you are there, if you think the area is (still) worthy of a cache placement, place a cache ready to be published for when/if the original cache is archived. Of course if the original cache receives some maintenance and is found, you've either lost the cache you placed, or will need to go back and get it.

3. Is it there or is it not....that's always the question. Check the hint and if you do find an area matching it, and you can't find the cache, the chances are the cache is gone. Of course that's not always going to be the case 100% of the time, but you've been caching for a'll just have to give it your best guess.

Have a great weekend....hope it's not too cold.

Re: Duck hunting season

Posted: 02 August 17 10:25 pm
by Richary
Part of the issue is the area is National Parks, so would need permission for a replacement. Though of course the original CO should have applied (retrospectively) for permission when the new rules came in.

Re: Duck hunting season

Posted: 03 August 17 12:27 am
by No_Tomorrow
I think my DNF to Found lists look much like Cerberus to Griffin NSW dZ ownership lists. I usually hunt alone so often miss the obvious.

I didn't think about whether it was within an NP or not till Zalgariath pointed it out to me. I was going to contact NPWS today to get their opinion but figured I already knew their answer due to the heritage of the area... and knew they wouldn't get back to me till it was too late.

It will be a shame if it is gone - I'm really only going to this event for this one cache I've had in my sights for a long time. I love how geocaching takes me to interesting places.

Re: Duck hunting season

Posted: 03 August 17 2:53 pm
by Hoojar
There are some finders of the cache that are still active. I've eyed this one off for a while.

Re: Duck hunting season

Posted: 03 August 17 5:00 pm
by No_Tomorrow
Hoojar wrote:There are some finders of the cache that are still active. I've eyed this one off for a while.
I haven't looked at archived caches so far away from home yet - appears to be one and the same thing but listed on the site that costs. Also looks like it was archived around the time of NPWS rules. Explains a lot.

If the old duck isn't there still, I'm still going to get to check out the old mine site, glow worms, and get a couple of virtuals while there.

Re: Duck hunting season

Posted: 04 August 17 9:23 am
by caughtatwork
It was archived at GC because idelology move all their cache listings to GCA when they set up this web site. Don't confuse the two listings as having much to do with each other any more.

Re: Duck hunting season

Posted: 09 August 17 2:03 pm
by Sol de Lune
How did you go with this?

Re: Duck hunting season

Posted: 10 August 17 11:20 am
by No_Tomorrow
No luck. Had plenty of pluck. Got stuck. Nearly slipped in muck....

Don't archive it yet! I got lost searching. I believe it is still there. It's a serious bush bash to get to it.

I had help from Alnic39 and son but I kept leading us in the wrong direction. The scrub was soooooo thick it took ages to move 10 meters and was exhausting. The leaf litter hid gaps so where I thought I could tread my feet fell through.

I know where not to go next time, to wear better footwear, and that I definitely wouldn't want to attempt this outside of winter (looks like a snake haven) or on my own.

Re: Duck hunting season

Posted: 20 August 17 8:56 am
by No_Tomorrow
This did say something about duck hunting the day before Rogerw3's picnic. But I'm not sure I'll try again just yet.

Re: Duck hunting season

Posted: 20 August 17 9:38 pm
by No_Tomorrow