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How do I register a new spot?

Posted: 01 December 14 2:28 pm
by LaurenRyderTyler
My kids and I have a bush walk that we do
And we have started leaving stuff to make an 'enchanted forest'
Id love to register it as a geocache, how do I do this??

Re: How do I register a new spot?

Posted: 01 December 14 10:49 pm
by Richary
Go to or On the first site is a Hide or seek a cache button. It needs to be a container with a logbook and meet the guidelines if listed on Read the guidelines and see if it meets them. As an enchanted forest things left hanging in trees as decorations or whatever may not qualify as caches.

Find a few caches in your local area if you haven't already and try to work out what you enjoy finding before hiding some, that way you will be hiding ones that you would enjoy and then hopefully others will also like them.

Re: How do I register a new spot?

Posted: 05 December 14 12:15 am
by belken
If you leave a container with a logbook at the site it would then be eligible to be a geocache on teh Groundspeak site provided it met all of the the other listing guidelines. Take the co-ordiantes of the spot where the container is and then go through the listing requirements.

On this site ie geocaching Australia, you could register the spot without a logbook. Just register the co-ordinates as a virtual cache. You could ask a question that coul donly be answered by people who visit th espot to verify a find.

Be aware a GCA listed cache will have a lot less visitors than a cache listed on teh Groundspeak site. However your family altering a natural bush setting(innocent as it may be) may set the cache police tongues wagging and it may fall foul of the lsiting guidelines.

If you have set up a home location on this site you may be able to look up a "Guru" who is listed as willing to help in situations like this.