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Hi - new member

Posted: 14 April 12 10:21 am
by Bill BD
Hi, I am a new member living in Wandering WA. (a place not a state of being). I am giving geocaching a try to see if it will broaden our caravan travel experience.

cheers, Bill

Re: Hi - new member

Posted: 14 April 12 3:29 pm
by TwoDrews
Welcome Bill! Geocaching will most certainly broaden your travel experiences. In fact you'll quite likely get so hooked all you'll want to do is travel from one to the other and only go home when you REALLY have to. That's my idea of bliss..!

Re: Hi - new member

Posted: 14 April 12 3:54 pm
by quiet1_au
Welcome Bill. I did a lot of caching when I travelled overseas definitely worth it. It can take you to some interesting places you'd never have gone otherwise, often teaching you bits of history or geology (in the case of Earthcaches). It can play havoc with sightseeing schedules though :lol:


Re: Hi - new member

Posted: 14 April 12 5:36 pm
by Team Pathfinder
Hi Bill and welcome to the forum,

You will definately broaden your horizon by geocaching whilst caravaning or visa versa. We have travelled many kilometres with caravan in tow whilst geocaching, the latest is the near 5000 kilometres over to the second Oz Mega and we haven't even come home yet! :D You will find you make heaps for friends all over Oz and find great places to park up that aren't even mentioned in the Camps books.

We came over to the first Oz Mega at Wagga back in April 2010 and had so much fun we only just made it home for Christmas!

We have our geocaching name on the rear of our caravan so when you are out there on the road keep an eye out for us, currently we are in Wagga NSW heading to Bathurst tomorrow for guess what???? More geocaching.

Re: Hi - new member

Posted: 15 April 12 10:21 am
by Bill BD
Cheers everyone. My wife in particular is very enthusiastic after yesterday's start. Found 2 out of 4 (they were all supposed to be easy so I dunno about "hard"). There is one about 50m from our house that we couldn't find.... grrr. Good fun.

Re: Hi - new member

Posted: 17 April 12 7:01 pm
by FelixII
Hi Bill,

We were down in Wandering not too long ago. Some of those were nano's have you looked on sites to actually see what a nano looks like?

They are pretty small to be finding as a beginner.

Definitely a great hobby to combine with camping/caravanning!

See you out and about.

David & Dea :P