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Off to China! TB's welcome to come...

Posted: 08 August 07 8:46 am
by La Kedi
If you've got a TB that would like to visit China, I'm heading there some time in September and would be happy to make suitcase room. Don't expect it back anytime soon though - I'll be gone a year or more. Cheers!

Posted: 08 August 07 10:14 am
by Map Monkey
Are you an Olympic athlete? :shock: :lol:

I would like to send some geocoins overseas to China if you can make some room. I'm thinking of some Aussie themed coins would be appropriate :lol:

BTW can you translate to Chinese as i would like to make sure that my descriptions have English and Chinese explanations. :D I would prefer a person to translate rather than a website to get more accurate sentences. :lol:


Posted: 08 August 07 6:08 pm
by La Kedi
Hmm, is there a geocaching Olympics? Nope, my idea of sport is getting from bed to the breakfast table - I'm taking over as Director of an English school there, and thus, unfortunately, speak not a word of Chinese. I do know people who can help you out, though, so feel free to send me the translations.

And yes, I'm sure I have room for a few coins!

Posted: 08 August 07 6:19 pm
by Map Monkey
Thanks. :P


Posted: 08 August 07 11:21 pm
by fehrgo
Which part of China are you headed to?

For Chinese geocaching info, check out . It will also give you an excuse to practice your Chinese.

Have fun in China!

Posted: 11 August 07 3:52 pm
by La Kedi
I'll be based in Tianjin, which is about an hour southeast of Beijing. And I'm hoping I can learn Chinese quickly!

Posted: 12 August 07 3:12 am
by fehrgo
Ah, on a recent trip to China I was seated next to a businessman from Brisbane who had a factory in Tianjin. He said it wasn't too bad a place to spend time in, and that it was modernizing quickly. He manufactured market stalls if I recall correctly.

You'll be a bit short on geocaches in the area though. You had better take some books to read :) English bookstores can be few and far between. I've only seen one in Beijing, and that was in the consulate district where it could be expected to be found.