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Caching in the Himalaya

Posted: 05 March 08 3:58 pm
by Dik:
<p>WOW, what an experience. 3 weeks throught India and Bhutan on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. </p>

<p>With only 2 GC physical caches along the whole route (excluding Singapore stopover) I was amazed to find that there were so many GCA caches there, although all locationless.</p>

<p>The primary target was "Lakhang Cache GCGBZT" in Bhutan, but the real thrill was a first to find on the only cache in the Indian state of Assam "Hot Guwahati! GCKP3J" Three and a half years in the state capital and I scored a First to Find.</p>

<p>For a full rundown of the experience and lots of photos have a look at the following logs:</p>

You've Got Mail GA0277 <a href="">Link</a>
Things of stone and wood GA0667 <a href="">Link</a>
Lakhang Cache GCGBZT <a href=" ... 0">Link</a>
Geocaching By Motorcycle GA0980 <a href="">Link</a>
So Nice they Named it Twice GA0639 <a href="">Link</a>
Toppers Club GA0200 <a href="">Link</a>
Marking Many Milestones GA0643 <a href="">Link</a>
Decorations on the Truck GA0301 <a href="">Link</a>
Hot Guwahati! GCKP3J <a href=" ... 4">Link</a>

Jackalope Bob TB18QA4 <a href=" ... b">Link</a>
8KT Travel Bug TBN3JA <a href=" ... 5">Link</a>

Posted: 05 March 08 8:50 pm
by Big Matt and Shell
WOW! :shock: <P>
Some of those photos are amazing. It never ceases to amaze me where they build their houses....

Posted: 23 March 08 10:15 pm
by crane2
Thanks for introducing me to all of those interesting caches! great photos.