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Visiting from Denmark

Posted: 19 September 12 7:34 am
by Cem42
G'day folks.

My wife and I are coming to Australia for the solar eclipse in november. And since we're in the neighborhood, we'll be travelling in the eastern Australia for a few weeks. We'll be good tourists and see the nature and the historical sights, but we want to go geocaching as well.
Our travel agency planned a lot of excursions, but we also have some time to fill by ourselves. So, can you recommend some caches that tourists must visit? Either because it's a good hide, or because it is placed near a fascinating place.

Our journey starts in Sydney at november 1st, then we go to Hobart, Ayers Rock, and finally Cairns. We leave Cairns, and Australia, on november 16th. We'll have at least half a day to go caching in each of these cities.

We hope to meet some of you out there. We'll be flashing our GPS, so we are easy to recognize. Oh, and we'll be showing our goofy "what's the Sun doing over there"-look :wink:

We look forward to see your suggestions.

Kind regards,
Cis and Erik

Re: Visiting from Denmark

Posted: 19 September 12 8:03 am
by ian-and-penny
Just be aware that Australia is a BIG country. The 16 or so days, and the excursions you have arranged will simply fly past. You will be able to see less than you think.

Look at this map.

Geocaches near Ayers rock are:

Re: Visiting from Denmark

Posted: 19 September 12 12:36 pm
by GhostGums
Following on from Ian and Penny's comment, are you flying between cities? Driving say from Cairns to Ayers Rock is at least two days. Sorry for stressing the point, but it is surprising how many people come to Australia, and think they will drive from Brisbane to Cairns as a day trip (Its actually 2 full day drive).

Anyhow enjoy your time here. :mrgreen:

Re: Visiting from Denmark

Posted: 19 September 12 9:57 pm
by Dippedidooda
How much time will you have in Hobart? Do you have a hire car? Just Hobart itself? What date?

Re: Visiting from Denmark

Posted: 20 September 12 2:37 am
by Cem42
Thanks for the replies. We will be flying between the cities, so I believe that we have control over the time and distances.

In Hobart, we only have time off in the evenings, We'll land in the afternoon on november 4th, and depart on november 7th in the morning. In the daytime we'll be joining the tours planned by the travel agency, and we'll be visiting Port Arthur and Mount Wellington/Bonorong Wildlife Park. I hope to log "Stewart's handle" (GC18GDC), as it will be the farthest geocache I'll ever approach.

Re: Visiting from Denmark

Posted: 21 September 12 12:41 am
by Dippedidooda
I'm impressed that you're visiting Tassie - we get forgotten a bit, but we actually don't mind. :) If you're on tours during the day, I'd guess that you're on foot in the evening times so need city centre type caches? (There's a great night cache We Come in Peace GC1DA0H but it's about 5 or 6 km out of the city).
Otherwise a few easy to nab ones might be:
No Parking GC3D7PH, For ValourGC29Y9W over near the Cenotaph;
Heading SouthGC1M0PR (and a Walker Tour of HobartGCK832?) down near Constitution Dock; and Hobart Rivulet Do Not EnterGC3AVCW not too far away;
Shopaholic 2 GC29YGG and Shopaholic#3 GC2GPAM in the city centre;
Hobart City Scratchie Exchange GCH6C9, Double Double Toil and Trouble GA3761, Antarctica TB transit lounge GC1KR0E in the Salamanca area;
and if you have enough energy, I'd recommend going for a walk over the Tasman Bridge, (you only have to go halfway) and get The Hump GC2R2XH.

I'm sure some others can add or suggest further to that. But it's a starting point!

Re: Visiting from Denmark

Posted: 24 September 12 8:19 am
by Cem42
Thanks for the cache suggestions for Hobart. Tasmania got a special place on the danes' map, when our crown prince married Mary Donaldson from Tasmania. And I'm sure we won't regret coming there!

In the other end of our journey, there's an event in Cairns on november 12th. We look forward to meet australian cachers and international shadow hunters there.

Re: Visiting from Denmark

Posted: 24 September 12 8:23 pm
by Bundyrumandcoke
If you want a cache that may well be even further away from home than the one you mentioned, Stewarts Handle, then have a look at ... 0ea72c7e45 Probably the southernmost cache in Australia. Take the 1/2 day round trip flight to this remarkable place. Fly down the coast from Hobart, around the southern tip of Tassie, and into the South West Wilderness area. The cache is an easy walk from the airstrip, only taking 10 or 15 minutes return, time that is allowed in the stopover. Par Avion is the airline that flys to the area, based out of Cambridge Airport in Hobart. See the rugged landscape of south west Tassie. Be aware that weather conditions can cancel trips on the day. We loved the trip.

Re: Visiting from Denmark

Posted: 27 October 12 9:15 am
by TiedyeSmileys
There is also an event in the evening on 5 Nov in Hobart as well (GC3YD6Y). We happen to be there from the other side of the country and will be visiting the event as well.

Re: Visiting from Denmark

Posted: 27 October 12 9:32 am
by Dippedidooda
Well spotted tideysmileys! I could give you or cem42 a lift out to the venue if needed (it's a few km's north of the city centre). edit. oops, that should be tiedye!

Re: Visiting from Denmark

Posted: 27 October 12 2:30 pm
by TiedyeSmileys
We will have our own rental wheels thanks