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Access to the GA App

Posted: 11 June 19 3:34 pm
by Tuena
I reset my GCA password today & have access to the site including the forum. I am unable to logon on to the GA App though. I reset the GCA supplied password to a more manageable one & logged on to the site OK but not the app despite using the correct password. Changed the password back to that supplied by GCA in the email & can access the site etc but not the GA app. Contacted mtrax who suggested I ask for assistance here.

I have a new Android phone which is the reason I reset the password as couldn't recall it & the password didn't transfer over from the old phone.


Re: Access to the GA App

Posted: 11 June 19 4:16 pm
by caughtatwork
What troubleshooting did you and mtrax do on the device?
How does he store the cookie?
What error (if any) did he get back from the site?

Re: Access to the GA App

Posted: 11 June 19 8:15 pm
by Tuena
No trouble shooting - just said that I should be able to use it straight away. Stated I should contact the Admin people.

When I attempt to logon get an error that the username/password has an invalid value. Invalid username/password combination. The password is the one sent by GCA, all uppercase.

My email to the GA app author in part:

"I reset my GCA password today following the change of my mobile plan. I reset it & then changed it to a more manageable password. Waited a few hours then attempted to logon to your app but get an error - username & password invalid. The password had letters, numbers & a punctuation mark. Changed password back to the GCA supplied one & can logon to GCA incl. the forum but not your App." (I could logon to GCA using the more manageable password).

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy 10e Android phone with software up to date.

Any assistance appreciated as just tried again but to no avail.

Re: Access to the GA App

Posted: 12 June 19 8:57 am
by caughtatwork
The password you are using is not correct. We log incorrect password attempts and yours is coming up.
I have reset your password (which I will send you in an email).
I have logged onto the forum, the site and the app with the new reset password and it works, so I'm not sure what passwords you have set up.

Re: Access to the GA App

Posted: 12 June 19 10:33 am
by Tuena
Wonderful service - am able to access the app. Thanks muchly.