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Whereigo for iPhone

Posted: 06 May 16 9:49 pm
by Richary
I am possibly heading down towards Manly over the weekend and there are a couple of whereigo caches that I might attempt given time. It's been a while (about 20 months) since I last did one, and trying to log in using the Whereigo app from Groundspeak on the iPhone is failing. It says my token has expired (that's fine, it happens) but when I try to log back in again it tells me my authorisation credentials have failed. I go to the whereigo website with the same log in details on my web browser and it works.

Any ideas, common experiences, or suggestions for another player? Or I just delete the player and try reinstalling from scratch.

Re: Whereigo for iPhone

Posted: 07 May 16 9:08 pm
by Tyreless
One option is to download the cartridge on your pc/mac and then transfer it to the iphone using itunes.

Re: Whereigo for iPhone

Posted: 07 May 16 10:38 pm
by Richary
Oh well, I did end up at Manly but lack of time and parking meant I wouldn't have had time to do them anyway (one is about 2 hours). I will try the iTunes option next time I am heading for one.