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My Query limits

Posted: 04 September 20 12:10 pm
by Team737
I've been testing a lot with queries and GPSr symbols lately....
Am I going to bump into a My Query limit, in terms of numbers of queries etc??
Also - when making a query for a radius, if I leave the no of caches blank I get 100 returned, and have been inserting a large number to just get everything within the radius - is this right? I don't want to overly tax the system....
As a test I ran a big query and it looks like it gave me every trig from Sydney to the WA border.... I wish would work like that! :)

Re: My Query limits

Posted: 07 September 20 12:02 pm
by caughtatwork
You have no limits to the number of queries you can store. They're simple database entries of a hundred bytes or so. No need to restrict something like that.

If you leave the number of geocaches to return at 0 (or blank) it will default to 100. We want people to make a choice and not download everything as that would blow our bandwidth limit. You can set the value to 1000 or 5000 or 10000 if you like, but ... be mindful about what you are trying to download and how many you can reasonably physically get to before you can just download another 100. Be respectful of the system, other users and our bandwidth and try to select only those caches you need. If you are trying to build a complete offline database we have other ways and means which are far less data intensive.

As you see, you can run large queries, but do you need to? Can you get to 10,000 TPS next week? Just be aware that our open policy allows access to the data, but that the other folks on the site also have download needs and our bandwidth is not infinite.

Re: My Query limits

Posted: 10 September 20 7:27 pm
by Team737
Thanks, that's the info I was after. I won't do any more continental queries! :-"