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cache rating

Posted: 03 September 20 6:19 pm
by ikkibrady
so. i created a series of caches based on ratings assuming that everyone knew where they could easily see a caches rating in the right column of the search page.
well you know what they say about assumptions.
so i was wondering if it was possible to put a caches average rating on the cache page so people can easily see what thier own cache was rated.

part of me thinks that most people are looking at a phone and you dont see the ratings column unless you turn sideways. that or they have just never noticed it. but by the number of messages recieved today i am quickly realising how many people do not use ratings at all.

thank you if possible, if not, damn for me i guess

Re: cache rating

Posted: 07 September 20 12:05 pm
by caughtatwork
The cache rating is on the cache page:
Then click on the Ratings button to see them.

We do this as a speed hump so we only load data that people find useful immediately (bandwidth and processor limitations). Other data you can get to, you just need to click it.

Re: cache rating

Posted: 07 September 20 12:27 pm
by ikkibrady
The rating on the page though show only individual ratings, ie how many of each rating. It doesn't show the average rating for the cache in the ratinf that shows up in the search queries.

Re: cache rating

Posted: 08 September 20 10:16 am
by caughtatwork
Sorry, I didn't get you wanted the summary value.
Now the dropdown has the summary value and you can click to see the individual ratings.

Re: cache rating

Posted: 08 September 20 10:55 am
by ikkibrady
Thank you muchly, hopefully this will make it much easier now while also helping people focus on quality.
Much appreciated