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Adding photos to GCA cache

Posted: 25 October 19 11:10 am
by Tuena
I recently published a traditional - Red Head GA14110 & thought I'd try & add a photo so it displays on the front page (description). Found the procedures in the Wiki eg. HOWTO: Add pictures to a cache listing & followed that but has problems at point 4 viz:

You should now see a full size version of the image

Right click on the images and select 'Copy image location'.

I don't get any option to Copy image location or copy anything on the full size version of the photo only on the thumbnail. I selected Copy image address as there is no option to 'Copy image location' & got this: ... tn_502.jpg

& Copy link address & got this: ... 10/502.jpg

Followed point 5 but no image was forthcoming. The Copy link address URL took a long time to respond & slowed my computer down to the point that I logged off as soon as I could & did a restart. Back to normal now.

The URLs remain on my cache description. Clicking on the URLs via the Topic Preview brings up the thumbnail & full size photo.

What am I doing wrong?

Re: Adding photos to GCA cache

Posted: 28 October 19 2:02 pm
by Tuena
I figured it out.