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Feature request for the GCA map

Posted: 15 May 19 12:53 am
by stainless-steel-rat
I would like to ask if it is possible to add to the current options on the map to hide unfound geocaches?

I know we currently have
Hide My Finds
Hide My Caches
Show dragonZones
Show LGAs

Is there any chance we could add hide my unfound, why you ask? well after a trip to an area I had not been in I noticed that it would be helpful if you could see what dZ areas you have not found a cache in and ticking 'Show dragonZones' and 'Hide unfound' would be very useful in planning dZ zones to visit.

Would others find this useful in hunting out dragonZones they have not visited yet?

Re: Feature request for the GCA map

Posted: 15 May 19 9:58 am
by caughtatwork
Quick question to head off the inevitable support issue.

How do I know whether I haven't found a cache in a zone vs. the site hasn't downloaded any caches for that zone, found or not.

i.e. A zone that has no caches found and no caches unfound may be a ripe zone for plundering OR the caches that are downloaded each time you move the map center off the screen don't cover that zone?

You could end up with a false reading for a zone unless you are careful about what the map has the data to display.

I'm not saying this can't or won't be done, but there will be support questions or bugs raised to say a zone is not displaying correctly, when in reality, it is and I'm asking you to think about that case as well as the expected outcome.

There are other ways to get this data as well. e.g. Create a query of all of your found geocaches. GMAP that result. Look for zones that have no markers. Not saying this is THE solution, but is a way to get the data but a few more steps. Regardless, if there is support for your request we can look at getting it done.

Re: Feature request for the GCA map

Posted: 21 May 19 1:59 pm
by caughtatwork
Not much activity in here is there :-(

This is an "additive" feature. i.e. It doesn't change functionality, it adds to it. As such, even though there has been no additional support for it, I have added the capability into the maps to hide / show "unfound" geocaches.

This works for me in my test environment and I have run a test when the code was deployed. If something comes up, please report it in the "Report Site Issues Here" thread for investigation. Where possible, please add in your browser and version as well as the URL you are looking at and what steps you took that resulted in the issue. I can't read minds and can't replicate the issue if you can't tell me what you were doing.

Thanks and enjoy the new feature.