How many is too many?

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8000 or more caches found
8000 or more caches found
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Re: How many is too many?

Post by Richary » 19 May 22 3:40 pm

oldfella wrote:
03 May 22 2:58 pm
Wiki says:-
A Locationless cache listing must require the finder to locate an object or perform a task in the real world, collect the co-ordinates and log the find with accompanying photographic evidence.
I am trying to work out what task in the real world would be suitable, if there are any current examples (I can't be bothered looking through the whole list at the moment). At least GA0001 did have a task (make a donation) even if it was done online. I don't mind the locate an object part such as water towers or little street libraries, it gives people an opportunity to play even if they live in a cache poor area (on either site).

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Re: How many is too many?

Post by caughtatwork » 19 May 22 4:49 pm

Stand in front of a statue of Elvis (rather than just a photo of the actual statue).

Wrestle for a geocache in a mudpit (rather than a picture of a mud pit).

Go skydiving (rather than a picture of a plane).

These are ideas only, but may help you on the way.

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