The all new National Parks 'Creature Cache'

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Re: The all new National Parks 'Creature Cache'

Post by homedg » 14 May 10 5:56 pm

caughtatwork wrote:This is in the GCA Senate forum, so I am making the assumption that this is discussing the CC concept at GCA, not at GC.
Oops, sorry about that.
Didn't note which forum I was in. :oops:

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Re: The all new National Parks 'Creature Cache'

Post by TeamGeoPlesk » 23 May 10 6:30 pm

I gotta say i like the idea of new cache types, i agree with most that this is basically a virtual... but one designed to let the user know that its a special place and that its also protected so be respectful! I've often thought a 'Campsite' cache would be great, as i am always looking for campsites but my cache data doesn't help me with that at the moment :(

I am not too sure of using the meta data for confirming a site visit, for a start its very rare to have a camera with a GPS embedded in it (except new ones) and if you are using a computer to merge a photo and a gpz file to append the meta data, the camera and gps clock needs to be almost exactly the same. Out by 5 minutes can make the distance errors massive at 100 kms per hour. Its also dead easy to edit and modify exif data back at home, so it seems a little bit redundant to me. I am mainly concerned that having a georeferenced photo might be unachievable to most.

An alternative option could be to make it mandatory to add a photo to a log when logging this type of cache and give owners the power to delete logs that do not comply, maybe?

BTW, dibbs on having my GPS as my signiture item... anything else and i would forget about it and never be able to log these caches :D

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Re: The all new National Parks 'Creature Cache'

Post by mark_rattigan » 14 January 11 10:12 pm

HardcoreHarris wrote: But it is also important to note (which you have) that the metadat can be changed,
Indeed I geotag all my holiday photos retrospectively, by syncing them with my GPS tracklog after I return home. My digital camera and phone don't have the capability to tag photos as I take them. I could tag a photo as being whereever I felt like it.

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Re: The all new National Parks 'Creature Cache'

Post by hgl » 14 January 11 11:04 pm

I like teh idea of the "Creature Cache", not because of the technology (as I think it is basically a virtual with extra demands), but because of the special nature to mark it appropriately.

A sign that you have done these well enough would be when National Parks pay you to set them up!

I think the technology of using photo meta-data would be a bit difficult because the number of people with GPS enabled camera's is quite limited. I am sure the traditional methods would suffice (al-la Earthcache).

Great thinking gang.

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