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Re: What's new on Geocaching Australia

Post by mtrax » 09 July 19 8:04 pm

how do I raise a bug ticket, there appears to an issue Houston...

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Re: What's new on Geocaching Australia

Post by Richary » 09 July 19 9:10 pm

Go to the Report Site Issues Here forum (the one immediately under this one).

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Background changes that will affect icons

Post by caughtatwork » 05 August 19 8:58 am

There are a slew of background functionality changes that you won't notice that are targeted for upcoming changes. Along with these changes there are also changes for the way we are going to deal with dragonZone icons. Part of this change is an increase in size. If you notice that some of the icons are not displaying correctly please force refresh your browser (CTRL-F5 or SHIFT-F5) to grab the latest files and ensure that they are not cached on your machine. Thanks for your patience while the changes are being applied ready for future use.

Geocaching Australia
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360 Degrees

Post by Geocaching Australia » 12 August 19 2:26 pm

Geocaching Australia is pleased so advise that we have a new dragonZone trophy to keep up your spirits and continue your engagement and enjoyment.

360 Degrees is the name of the trophy and it's worth 3600 Points
Find a valid dragonZone geocache (excluding moveables) at every degree bearing from 0 to 359 degrees from your home co-ordinates.

https://geocaching.com.au/my/dragonzonetrophies/ has the trophy and the details.

https://geocaching.com.au/cacher/statis ... ork/finds/ will show you how many you have and what you need (this is the developers example of what he has or has not yet achieved).

You can find the bearing on any geocache page and in the geocache lists.

If you notice strange things then please let us know through our forums.

Geocache and enjoy!

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