Geocube - iOS app with native GCA support - version 2.2

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Geocube - iOS app with native GCA support - version 2.2

Post by MavEtJu » 25 April 18 8:24 am

Available in an Apple App Store near you!

Version 2.2 has been released. The biggest thing is the speed for the cleanup afterwards, it could take up to 9 seconds for a larger database. KML files exported from Google Earth are now done better. And when disabling the GNSSr, it will put a marker at the current center.

- When disabling the GNSS, a marker will show up where the new center is.

- Fix some subtitles in the cells when logging a find at GCA.
- Updated Mapbox to 3.7.6
- Speed up the after-an-import cleanup of the database. It went from 9 seconds to 2 seconds on a database with 30k waypoints and 300k logs.
- The key/value table cells now properly adjust to the sides.
- Update to defaults for Xcode 9.3.
- KML files imported from Google Earth uses MultiGeometry. Support for this is now added.
- Sort items on Help -> About

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