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Post by pirate 63 » 28 May 08 6:50 pm

ye' first to plunder' is ye' game ye' pirates luv' playin'
we 'ave been known to walk,hike or ride right past booty if there is a FTP up for grabs! :twisted:
ye' pirates current goal is to hit ye' 1000 caches plunderd with ye' 200 FTP!
we still get ye' same buzz FTP as our very first FTP :D

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500 or more caches logged
500 or more caches logged
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Re: Ftf

Post by d.d.dudes » 28 May 08 6:56 pm

claeton wrote:who gets the FTF someone who finds and signs first or someone who gets to the area and then logs a note saying they were in the area but could not retrieve the cache
..............haaaa......are you impressed with our answering service so far :mrgreen:

4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
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Post by Rabbitto » 28 May 08 10:39 pm

Jardry wrote:I'm not happy with a DNF on a FTF when the co-ordinates are out!!

Technically you've "found" GZ according to the co-ords given, but obviously can't write in a non-existent log book. So in the strict interpretation of FTF, it's not a FTF because you haven't been able to document the "find" in the logbook. You win some, you loose some!!

The feeling is not the same as to when someone else legitimately beats you to a FTF by logging it 10 minutes before you get there.

Unfortunately, I've been guilty of the same offence, but the FTF'er was able to call and confirm correct co-ordinates and claim their FTF.

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