dragonZone Trophies Progress Bars

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dragonZone Trophies Progress Bars

Post by caughtatwork » 07 April 21 10:34 am

If you are a dragonZone member at Geocaching Australia there is something exciting on your dragonZone Trophies page.


Each trophy will now interactively display (click to reanimate) a progress bar of how you are tracking to any particular trophy. If you hover over the progress bar you can also see what percentage you are complete.

This gives you the opportunity to check which trophies you are close the gaining and allows you to focus your energies on completing them and adding them to your completed list.

When you first visit the page you may need to FORCE REFRESH (Ctrl-F5) to get the latest styles and images.

We hope this will help you on your way to gaining more and more and MOAR trophies.

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