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Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Posted: 11 June 19 11:45 am
by Sol de Lune
Moving on from this thread: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=19934


First idea for a game sometime in the future. It wouldn't run in conjunction with the Presidents Cup in December 19 as our 2020 games kick off in January 20. So sometime in 2021 could be the go. However, it would be good to have a bank of games ready to kick off. Early stages yet, but have a read of this one and make comments as required.


Game Name: Par 72

This option would require a cacher to reach a total of NO MORE than 72* points over an 18** day game period. Score more then 72 points and you are out of the running.

Points awarded for both finds and hides. Same points for each type of cache find/hide.

Geocaching Australia caches only.

Physical caches only.

Points would be awarded for the size of cache found or hidden. E.g.
Other = 1
Nano = 2
Micro = 3
Small = 4
Regular = 5
Large = 6

Once a find or hide is made, players will log a claim and their position on the ladder will be displayed. For those who have played our games before, this is the same as we have done in past games. For those who haven’t played a game with us before, more details on that will be in the game overview.

Prizes awarded for the top 10, then every 5th place thereafter. Again, this is the same format as our previous games.

*72 points as this is Par on a lot of Golf course. This could be 71 or 70, however 72 gives a little more scope for scoring
** 18 = number of holes on most Golf courses. Also means it’s a short sharp game we can run. Game would start on a Thursday and conclude on a Sunday. This gives all players 3 weekends and 2 full weeks to reach the 72 points.

Re: Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Posted: 11 June 19 8:25 pm
by mattyrx
I think this sounds like fun.

I wonder if there’s a way of putting in a few unexpected surprises/penalties. E.g. a chance that players will get less/more than points than they were expecting. Weather it be random, or a gamble they can opt in for. Maybe if they find a certain cache type, they will get a double or nothing option. I’m sure there’s golf terms that could be used for these unexpected surprises…End up in the bunker… Hole in one etc.

Just a few ideas as they come to mind.

Re: Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Posted: 10 July 19 2:52 pm
by caughtatwork
18 days - OK
72 points - OK
Sizes - OK

This doesn't seem to have anything to do with golf, per se. There is no theme. I can go and log 18 small caches this weekend, complete the task and not have anything elated to the theme. There is still a lot of information needed here before this can be gamified, especially regards to the theme to follow.

I would not be in support of any artificial penalty. I can imaging my reaction, immediately, if I found something that contributed and then an "oops, out of bounds, no points for you". It would be to stop playing and probably never play again. We create our own challenges when geocaching such as DNFs and caches that have moved on vs. the website artificially sapping our enjoyment.

In order to the "ideas" to be included they need to be fleshed out. I can't write a game based on the three items listed above, sorry.

Re: Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Posted: 10 July 19 4:41 pm
by Sol de Lune
Thanks for the bump. Was hoping for more comments and ideas from the community to flesh it out a bit, but with only the one response, it looks as if there isn't much interest anyway.

I'll give it until 11 August (2 months from the original post) and if we can't come with any improvements or other ideas, I'll close the thread.

Re: Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Posted: 11 July 19 4:59 pm
by caughtatwork
Yeah, no harm, no foul.

As the site is community run nowadays there is no expectation that "someone else" will get it done. There is no "someone else". There is just y'all. So if y'all don't do it, it don't get done.

Re: Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Posted: 11 July 19 8:52 pm
by Chwiliwr
I had other issues at the time so forgot all about replying to this when it was first posted.

In reference to trying to make it more golf related why not do a 36 (perhaps just 18) round of golf over 18 days but with the opposite of trying to get a particular number by having the winners being those that completed the whole course of 36 with the lowest score just like a golf card.

As there has been a problem with miss-representation of cache sizes for dZ during games and bonus mulitplyers perhaps change the game scoring around for this proposed game to:

Other = 5
Nano = 4
Micro = 3
Small = 3
Regular = 2
Large = 2

Re: Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Posted: 16 August 19 11:30 am
by ikkibrady
I know this is slightly after the Aug 11 deadline sdl set but my excuse is I haven't scrolled the forum for a little while. I like the idea of a good themed game although I guess it's late for a mid year game now...

What if you had digital "courses" you may only know basic thing like distance to tee. Finding a large sized cache will get you to hit the ball a certain random distance say between 100-150 yards
Finding a medium cache 50-100

Virtual or locationless 0-5

Until you hit the pin. So have you have to find different caches in order to complete the most courses.

I know locatonless in games can be abused but if the mean a little so that people can hit still it's keeps it available for all.

Anyways that's what I got for a 5 min think

Re: Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Posted: 22 August 19 3:15 pm
by caughtatwork
We now avoid non-physical geocaches for the purposes of our games. Regrettably the lack of proof offered too many opportunities to those with a long competitive streak to take advantage of them :-(

The digital course idea works a treat and it may be re-purposed for future games. I like it. It gives variety without being repetitive.

We have enough for 2019, we have a full Game of Games calendar for 2020 and we have a few for 2021. Thanks to the work and ideas of a few behind the scenes (not me), we can now farm for ideas until our current games calendar gets closer to expiring.

So don't back off now, keep the suggestions coming and the details on how the games might be played. It takes around 6 months to write the game up, so we will be looking for new ideas to be fully formed in about 6-8 months to be used beyond our current calendar.

Re: Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Posted: 22 August 19 3:20 pm
by ikkibrady
So with a full games calendar did I miss the 2019 mid year game?

Re: Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Posted: 23 August 19 9:22 am
by caughtatwork
We didn't have a mid year game. We got nothing back from the call out, so one was developed for September and another for November. If no-one from the community outs forward well developed ideas then nothing can happen. We have no owner, no management, no central organisation so the community is the idea generator and, well, no generation, no implementation.