Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

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Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Post by Sol de Lune » 11 June 19 11:45 am

Moving on from this thread: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=19934


First idea for a game sometime in the future. It wouldn't run in conjunction with the Presidents Cup in December 19 as our 2020 games kick off in January 20. So sometime in 2021 could be the go. However, it would be good to have a bank of games ready to kick off. Early stages yet, but have a read of this one and make comments as required.


Game Name: Par 72

This option would require a cacher to reach a total of NO MORE than 72* points over an 18** day game period. Score more then 72 points and you are out of the running.

Points awarded for both finds and hides. Same points for each type of cache find/hide.

Geocaching Australia caches only.

Physical caches only.

Points would be awarded for the size of cache found or hidden. E.g.
Other = 1
Nano = 2
Micro = 3
Small = 4
Regular = 5
Large = 6

Once a find or hide is made, players will log a claim and their position on the ladder will be displayed. For those who have played our games before, this is the same as we have done in past games. For those who haven’t played a game with us before, more details on that will be in the game overview.

Prizes awarded for the top 10, then every 5th place thereafter. Again, this is the same format as our previous games.

*72 points as this is Par on a lot of Golf course. This could be 71 or 70, however 72 gives a little more scope for scoring
** 18 = number of holes on most Golf courses. Also means it’s a short sharp game we can run. Game would start on a Thursday and conclude on a Sunday. This gives all players 3 weekends and 2 full weeks to reach the 72 points.

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850 or more found!!!
850 or more found!!!
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Re: Games Suggestions - Golf Theme

Post by mattyrx » 11 June 19 8:25 pm

I think this sounds like fun.

I wonder if there’s a way of putting in a few unexpected surprises/penalties. E.g. a chance that players will get less/more than points than they were expecting. Weather it be random, or a gamble they can opt in for. Maybe if they find a certain cache type, they will get a double or nothing option. I’m sure there’s golf terms that could be used for these unexpected surprises…End up in the bunker… Hole in one etc.

Just a few ideas as they come to mind.

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