New Missions from the dragonZone Forge

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New Missions from the dragonZone Forge

Post by dragonZone Guardian » 03 June 19 12:08 am

Straight from the dragonZone forge are 8 new Missions for dragonZone players to complete. The dragons hope you enjoy the challenge these new Missions will present.

These new Missions will be known as ‘XXXX Statesmen’ and there is one for each State and Territory. I.e. Queensland Statesmen, Victorian Statesmen, Tasmanian Statesmen etc.

To be awarded these Missions, your (long term) goal is to find a valid dragonZone cache (excluding Moveables) in every dragonZone within that state.

As each state is unique, each one will have a different number of dragonZones. E.g. Victoria has 80 dragonZones, Queensland 74, Western Australia 139, while The Northern Territory has only 17. With each dragonZone worth 100 points, once you've found a valid dragonZone cache in each dragonZone of the state, you'll be awarded the Mission. E.g. Find a valid dragonZone cache in each dragonZone in Victoria and be rewarded with 8000 dZ points (80 dZ x 100 = 8000). Find a valid dragonZone cache in each Western Australia dragonZone and you'll receive 13900 dZ points (139 dZ x 100 = 13900). Find a valid cache is all the dragonZones in the Northern Territory and.....I'm sure you get the picture.

To see how many dragonZones you may still need to conquer to earn this mission, check your dragonZone 'My Trophies' page and look for your relevant ‘Statesmen'’ Mission.

So, keep this one in mind when you're travelling. It's a somewhat long term Mission, however every dragonZone claimed is one dragonZone closer to the completed 'Statesmen' mission. Good luck.....

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