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Trophy Suggestions

Posted: 09 March 18 12:11 pm
by OldSaint
Hi All
Over Summer I participated in the Scavenger Hunt and really enjoyed it.
During those games cache types - History, Locationless and Virtual etc. were given recognition and were used in the game; great! Full coverage is good.
Following on from that, maybe the Dragonzone game could cover those cache types in some way
eg . Locationless 1st Trophy for 50 found, 2nd Trophy for 250 found and Third Trophy for 500 found
Same for the other cache types where a log book is not involved. Again, I think full coverage of cache types in Dragonzone would be good, especially for those that have difficulty getting around etc.
Retrospectivity for such cache finds in Dragonzone would be fair too as was done with the recently published Trophies
Just a suggestion
Cheers OldSaint

Re: Trophy Suggestions

Posted: 09 March 18 8:37 pm
by J_&_J
The reason that History, Locationless, Virtual etc. type caches are not part of dragonZone, are that they are easy to publish, regardless of where their respective GZ is, and potentially game the dZ system. For the foreseeable future, these cache types will not be part of the dragonZone game.

While I'm sorry to have to reply to your post in a negative manner, us dragonZone admins do appreciate input from the community, and take all comments on board when steering the game into the future. :D

Re: Trophy Suggestions

Posted: 29 August 18 2:34 pm
by whitewebbs
I would like to suggest an Augmented Reality trophy. This cache type has yet to be included in the trophies.

Re: Trophy Suggestions

Posted: 06 September 18 7:53 pm
by whitewebbs
whitewebbs wrote:I would like to suggest an Augmented Reality trophy. This cache type has yet to be included in the trophies.
Thank you geocaching faries, I notice this trophy has appeared in the varying levels.

Re: Trophy Suggestions

Posted: 06 September 18 8:18 pm
by caughtatwork
Wow. You're quick. They were only published in the last half hour. A formal announcement will be forthcoming from the dZ Guardian shortly.

Re: Trophy Suggestions

Posted: 08 September 18 8:04 pm
by whitewebbs
Just saw the new 50 klm trophies as earnt one. Thanks

Re: Trophy Suggestions

Posted: 09 September 18 1:35 am
by dragonZone Guardian
Straight from the dragonZone forge are 7 new Trophies and 8 new Missions for dragonZoner players to keep an eye out for. The dragons haven’t released any new Missions for a while, but they think everyone will enjoy the challenges these new ones present.

However, first things first, the new trophies. These trophies are for finding and hiding our latest cache type, The Augmented Reality Cache.

Find an ‘Auggie’ and you’ll pick a bronze trophy
Find 10 x ‘Auggie’ and a Silver trophy worth 50 points will be your reward.
A cool 100 points will be yours after you’ve found your 100th.
And a rather neat Blaze trophy will be added to your balance after finding 1000 ‘Auggie’ caches.

On the hiding side, once you’ve hidden your first Augmented Reality cache, a Silver trophy and 50 points will come your way. Hiding 10 and a Gold trophy will be yours, and once you’ve hidden 100, another Blaze trophy and 1000 points will be added to your points balance.

Now, the Missions that have been released. These are known as ‘State Capitalist’ and there is one for each State Capital city. E.g. Brisbane Capitalist, Perth Capitalist etc.

To be awarded these Missions, your (long term) goal is to find a valid dragonZone cache (excluding Moveables) in every dragonZone within a 50klm radius of the GPO of the capital city.

As each location is unique, each capital city will have a different number of dragonZones that fall within that 50klm radius. E.g. Melbourne City 39 dragonZones with the 50klm radius, Perth has 36 while Canberra only has 15. Each of the dragonZones will be worth 100 points, however, to be awarded the Mission, you MUST find all the valid dragonZones with the 50klm radius.

So, when you find all the dragonZones with the 50klm radius of the Melbourne GPO, you’ll receive 3900 points. When you have found all the dragonZones within the 50klm radius of the Perth GPO, you’ll receive 3600 points. Meanwhile in Canberra, there will be 1500 points on offer for a cache find in each of the ACT dragonZones that lie within with the 50klm radius of their GPO. (So, no need to go over the border to reach the 50klm - it’s just every dragonZone within the ACT boundary).

To see how many dragonZones you may still need to conquer to earn this mission, check your dragonZone My Trophies page and look for you relevant ‘Capitalist’ Mission.

You can also check out the maps so you can visualise your progress in the Capitalist. i.e. ... _challenge (where xxx is YOUR cacher name). You can also get there by clicking on your name of the top right hand side of the screen when you're logged in, then select graphs, then dragonZone Area Challenge, pick the state your interested in and then look for the map at the bottom.

Of course, when travelling to another Capital, you’ll have the opportunity to grab another of these new Missions.

Interestingly, a check of a couple of the ‘Capitalist’ areas shows that there may be one or two dragonZones that are yet to have a valid dragonZone cache published. If you see/know of one of these dragonZones, this is your chance to hide a cache for others to find….and earn yourself some karma points when cachers come looking for a cache in that dragonZone.

Please note that as the dragons aren’t really concerned with human ideology, if the GPO was to ever move from the currently calculated location, their decision would be to simply keep the status quo.