May Madness Bonanza

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May Madness Bonanza

Post by Geocaching Australia » 01 May 17 7:21 am

Do you enjoy the dragonZone aspect of geocaching, but feel eternally trapped in the rank of Dragon Fodder?
Are you itching to move up to the rank of Knight but just feel like a frustrated Merchant?
Are you tired of the Major dragonZoner crowd and want to be the second cacher to attain the rank of Duke?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then get ready to earn bonus dragonZone points during the month of May.

Starting on Saturday the 6th May, and concluding at midnight on Sunday the 21st of May, is Geocaching Australia's May Madness Bonanza!
During these sixteen days, you will earn a 3x dragonZone point bonus for finds and hides on dZ compatible caches.

Here's your chance to climb the ranks, and increase your influence on the dragonZone realm.

850 or more found!!!
850 or more found!!!
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Re: May Madness Bonanza

Post by petan » 01 May 17 10:28 am

I saw the "May-ntenance Month" note in this morning's daily email. Will a forum fayre or the like be 'reviewing' the NA logs down the track?

I know GCA is self managed but in my local area there are several caches which I have placed a NA log (after having left a NM log 3-4 months earlier) where the cache owner is no longer active - for most, last login can be 3 or more years previous often for both GC and GCA.

Ta for this (and the extra points for hiding new ones).

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Re: May Madness Bonanza

Post by caughtatwork » 01 May 17 11:42 am

Yes. The faeries review the needs archiving logs on a monthly basis (give or take).

We check each NA log, the status of the cache, the status of the latest logs, the status of the cacher and if all agrees, then the listing is archived. We do rely on the community to do the right thing and log the NA as we do not want to arbitrarily send out emails about caches that may need maintenance without local knowledge.

There are quite a few in the queue at the moment and they'll get checked as the NA faeries get a chance.

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