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Extending dZ to NZ

Posted: 28 June 16 9:17 am
by caughtatwork
There is a suggestion that we extend the dZ game to NZ to cater for our cousins across the ditch or expat Aussies who still want to play at GCA.

NZ has very, very few Geocaching Australia geocaches. Probably because we're called Geocaching AUSTRALIA and not Geocaching Oceania :-)
Mainly TP's with a few virtuals and the rare traditional.

Is it worth the effort (to hide, find, extend the game) across the ditch? Apparently we would need to rename "State Control" to something as NZ does not politically separate NI from SI. i.e. NZ is not a federated country like Australia. Small point, but we need to think about social acceptability.

With the very few caches there listed at this site, could we bulk list TP's to get a head start? They are not yet popular in NZ, but as in Aus, they might be if they were listed. i.e. ... trigpoints a steady find rate since they were introduced in 2009 en masse.

Any thoughts? Concerns? Issues? Questions? Worthy? Not Worthy? Stupid? Cool?

Re: Extending dZ to NZ

Posted: 28 June 16 10:13 am
by CraigRat
I'd love to see it, HOWEVER, there have been several attempts to get the kiwis involved with movable races etc with very luke warm responses.

I WANT to see it happen, but it could be a fruitless venture. If there's not too much to do on the technical side then it wouldn't hurt, but otherwise it could be a lot of work for nowt.

Not sure it'd be worth changing the nomenclature of the game UNLESS we get a heap of ppl onboard.

Re: Extending dZ to NZ

Posted: 28 June 16 11:39 am
by caughtatwork
Going by my memory of the code, the check for a dZ zone id will work regardless of what countries are in play. I would simply need to copy the appropriate zone into the game zone arena.

These are the regional councils for NZ which are pretty good for potential new zones.

I might need to sort out State and Country boards, but that's not rocket science.

If we were to list TrigPoints we would somehow need to get the LINZ data selected down to TrigPoints as opposed to other Survey Mark type data. Not sure how we can do this unless someone who lives / lived over there can offer insight.

Re: Extending dZ to NZ

Posted: 28 June 16 12:15 pm
by Zalgariath
Would be cool, and Trigs would be a good start but I can understand why the Kiwi's aren't jumping with excitement over GCA caches purely on a nomiculture thing. However if there isn't too much work you could suddenly see a few extra tourist dollars fly across the ditch to claim new zones ;) They are just as likely to be claimed as some of the remote Aussie zones.

Re: Extending dZ to NZ

Posted: 28 June 16 12:39 pm
by caughtatwork
The name wasn't my choice :-)
We could globally change our name to Geocaching Oceania and just have the domain name registered in Australia :-)
We could fire up, oh no we can't :-(
What about oh, no "Registrant Contact Name This domains is FOR SALE"
Looks like someone doesn't want anyone playing in their backyard except the big fish.
Maybe we should have been nicer to the kiwis all those years ago :-)

Re: Extending dZ to NZ

Posted: 28 June 16 4:40 pm
by MavEtJu
caughtatwork wrote: We could fire up, oh no we can't :-(
Neither can they:
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