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I get dragon zone!!
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Author:  fluffyfish [ 08 October 15 9:49 pm ]
Post subject:  I get dragon zone!!

It has taken a while but I finally get it!

I actually love the strategy to determine what to move where to get zone control with the aim of state control.

Awesome. Like chess for idiots (and I am an idiot).

Author:  caughtatwork [ 08 October 15 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I get dragon zone!!

I like the comparison to chess, but I would leave the idiot part out. You're not an idiot. It's a little complex to explain in words over the internet. Happy to know that it is working for you. Now maybe you will be able to explain it to others or help the wiki entry to explain it in writing as well.

Author:  Richary [ 08 October 15 11:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I get dragon zone!!

I've learned I can take control of a cache by adding additional points to it after finding, and after the recent game I have a lot to allocate. Occasionally I have helped take control of a zone but it's more a sideline to what I can do. I haven't experimented with moving moveables so far to take control of a zone by taking caches out or in to an area. I guess the next gnome game will be the test of how well that works for me as a hider, mover, or finder.

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