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Post Re: dragonZone
I've discovered another hitch in the dZ game. Found moveables in people's possession but still marked at posted coords - they can hold clan ownership over a zone when they are not even there and can't be accessed/found by others. It's a shame we don't have the logging option of "picked up" which is a find that automatically resets the coordinates to 0000000000...

I'm trying to plan a little caching while on holiday in a month. Was hoping to play a little dZ, but it isn't worth trying at all as a few zones are locked by such moveables (and some have points way too high for me to alter, and it wouldn't impact control on the state either). Although I might not be able to alter the moveables' points much, I could at least move them all together into one zone that I can't change, making a difference in others. :wink: :griffin
Of course I will be finding as many GCA caches as possible still, just not annoying hubby to find certain types in certain areas for dZ control. :)

24 March 17 1:41 pm
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Post Re: dragonZone
We won't move a geocache to 0,0 as it would pick up about 17,000km each time we did. This problem existed prior to dZ.

If a geocache has been in the hands of someone too long and you think it may now be MIA, log a should be archived. The admins work through the list every now and then and a geocache that is not there and is essentially in an unknown location gets archived as MIA.

This is not as bad as archiving a geocache at GC. The cache holder can still log the fact that is was rehidden / moved and then the owner can reactive the listing by placing an archived log against it. Really at GCA an archive gets it off the lists but is not permanently gone and you need to beg to get it reinstated.

Use the tools of the site, log SBA on those which are absent and we'll all move on.

24 March 17 1:46 pm
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Post Re: dragonZone
tronador wrote:
Zalgariath wrote:
Having players who have no tactical thinking could be hilarious actually with accidental moves having weird outcomes or frustrating moments when your carefully placed plans are unwittingly undone! Hehe

That would be me.

Yeah I had a team Phoenix member drop off two movables behind my house while passing through. Did me no favours. They did not deploy dz points to cache and as the only active Phoenix member in Brisbane I guard my zones quite carefully against invaders. So any team Phoenix members passing through please bring moveables to Brisbane with Phoenix high points ownership and make sure to deploy points. It's not easy being

19 May 18 10:17 am
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