A new dragonZone Quest

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A new dragonZone Quest

Post by caughtatwork » 03 May 21 12:40 pm

https://geocaching.com.au/my/dragonzone ... ndedcacher

3x3 Well Rounded Cacher

The guardians of the dragonZones have noticed additional mysterious happenings and the Head Guardian needs your help even more.

A series of terrain and difficulty quests have been released for you to complete to help the Head Guardian understand what the mysterious happenings are all about.

The Head Guardian would like you to complete the sub-quests in increments so that the results can be analysed before sending you on new sub-quests.
In this research quest there are 5 sets of sub-quests that ask you to find all terrain types up to 3 for each of the difficulty types. The first set of quests will be difficulty 1, then second set of quests will be difficulty 1.5 and so on until the difficulty reaches 3.

The knowledge you provide when you have completed the research tasks will be provided through the Head Guardians back to the guardians that control each dragonZone and they are willing to reward you for this knowledge. For each research quest you complete you will be provided with research materials that you will be able to use to trade for other items in the dragonZone game or in some rare cases in the real world.

You cannot move on to the next sub-quest until each activity assigned to you has been completed but within the sub-quest you may complete them in any order.

In order to make a claim on a research quest, ensure that your logs have been made to find or publish the geocache for the appropriate activity, then visit your research quest page where any activity that can be completed will be checked automatically by the Head Guardian, marked as complete and your rewards provided.

The Head Guardian is excited to see your contributions to the exciting field of dragonZone research and can’t wait to hear about the adventures you have along the way! Let’s get moving!


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6500 or more caches found
6500 or more caches found
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Re: A new dragonZone Quest

Post by whitewebbs » 04 May 21 7:46 pm

Thanks for adding new quests

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