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Geocaching Australia governance issues
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Team GraMon
550 or more Caches found
550 or more Caches found
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Post by Team GraMon » 06 June 07 8:53 pm

Having read the wiki I think the liberal use of the word FREE would be a good thing.
As in Free joining the site, Free to post your log , Free fun please join in, as this would make it more appealing ... I hope lol.

Many are a sucker for freebies.

However if a mean muggle joins and posts a rude log I guess we have to watch out for that :(

would love to know how many muggles became cachers.


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Post by team_canyonero » 08 April 08 11:26 pm

In the real early days you could actually get the coordinates of the caches without even logging in.</p>
I remember a number of caches getting muggled by park rangers etc because of inappropriate locations. Once they found one in the area, they logged on and found where all the others were in their park and got rid of them. There was even 1 bozo going around muggling caches on purpose (ie finding them with a GPSr and then destroying them).</p>
Having to register on the website put paid to that...</p>
I think people are generally honest and I reckon that caches that have the contents strewn about are usually from kids with nothing better to do.</p>
Getting back on topic. Even though you might not be paying money for using the site, it is still not *free*. You are being bombarded with advertising which is actually the true cost of using the website.</p>
If the GA website used it as an advertising base, they could raise the funds from businesses rather than from us "customers". That's how Groundspeak would fund part of the site, the money they get from premium members and the merchandising is just cream on top.</p>
Of course, the miniscule number of Australian Cachers compared to the USA would probably sink that theory. Groundspeak only advertise Geocaching related products or businesses, whereas GA might need to expand the scope to cater for our low numbers of "viewers".</p>

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