passing on the baton

Geocaching Australia governance issues
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passing on the baton

Post by ideology » 09 September 06 1:23 pm

we've been doing less and less geocaching lately. we'd like to, but george is still unable to walk more than 100m without debilitating pain.

our lack of geocaching is flowing through to the gca website where we are slowing down the other developers. we don't want that to happen, so we'd like to pass on the baton, hopefully by the end of the year.

we'd like the site to continue and evolve, so encourage you to voice your opinion on the governance of the website thread.

we have very much enjoyed our time on the site and thank everyone for their contributions. we hope it has evolved into something useful for the australian geocaching community.

now: onward and upward!

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Post by Damo. » 09 September 06 10:02 pm

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Thankyou for your hard work the last few years.
Your legacy is far more than just "useful". You have done us all proud. :o
I hope we can come up with an arrangement which continues to support the Australian Geocaching Community as well as it has been to date.

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6500 or more caches found
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Post by Richary » 10 September 06 12:04 am

This sounds like a total farewell almost. I hope that's not the case.

Thanks i! for all the hard work over the years, not only with this site but with geocaching in Australia in general. A shame I wasn't into caching back when I lived at Gosford and could have tried some of your challenges, they certainly looked interesting. And hope you are still involved in some form or another for many more years to come.

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Post by Bronze » 11 September 06 6:54 pm


Ahhh. :roll:

Thank you.

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