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Purpose of this area

Posted: 03 May 06 9:30 am
by ideology
What started out as a a website to stop pop-up advertising and provide a backup plan just in case went in the wrong direction (see thread #2) has evolved into something else. This raises the issue of exactly what that is, what we all want it to be, how it will run, etc.

Mix had a good idea:
Mix wrote:Maybe we could have a new ‘sub-forum’ called ‘the senate’ (or other less geeky name) the use of this area would be exclusively for discussing and deciding stuff related to the running of GCA. Membership of the senate would be open to all but would be an ‘opt in’ area, meaning you would have to make a choice to get involved in the running/decision making body. Discussion in this area would still be viewable by all. All board members would still be free to discuss GCA issues in the general area but decisions would be taken by the senate. This is democratic. non-exclusive and simple.
So here it is!

Posted: 11 September 06 7:21 pm
by Bronze
...and to discuss our favourite tea flavours and associated paraphernalia...


whilst caching and
when considering caching;
and returning from caching;
when working to pay for caching;
when visiting other cache teams;
while waiting for new caches to be placed...

Posted: 21 August 07 6:43 pm
by Bronze
bump :wink:

Re: Purpose of this area

Posted: 21 August 07 6:44 pm
by Bronze
ideology wrote:
Mix had a good idea:
Mix wrote:blah blah blah!
What just the one? :roll:

Posted: 21 August 07 7:24 pm
by Mr Router
I'm with Bronze :shock: Blah blah blah :!: :!: