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Re: Senate - Call for Nominations for 2015

Posted: 09 July 15 10:05 am
by Sol de Lune
Bewilderbeest wrote:I have enjoyed my time as a GCA senator and hope that I've made a positive contribution. However, given that I'm not very active as a cacher at the moment, I think it's appropriate that I stand aside in favour of someone more committed.

But in the unlikely event that nobody else puts their hand up, feel free to give me a call...
Have spoken with Bewilderbeest about this and as he has decided to stand aside, I'd like to nominate for the ACT position. I've been caching since Oct07, a member of GCA since Dec07 and believe I would be able to contribute to any discussions in a positive manner. Currently retired, I have a bit of spare time that I can hopefully put to go use. Looking forward to the opportunity....if it turns out that way.

Re: Senate - Call for Nominations for 2015

Posted: 09 July 15 10:28 am
by Agent Basil
No offense Sol but I was hoping for a more experienced cacher with a few more finds, than a newbie like you [-X

Re: Senate - Call for Nominations for 2015

Posted: 11 July 15 12:52 am
by Captain Terror
crew 153 wrote:I will put up my hand as the Queensland delegate. I have talked to Ruzzelz and he has not been active on GCA for a while now.

I have not placed any GCA caches as I don't consider that the GCA community in Queensland is active enough to sustain GCA caches.

I run PQs on all the states and New Zealand which I upload to the GCA database to help out the fairies.

I have been caching for almost 11 years now and have always found GCA caches wherever I can.

I had been debating running, but Crew 153 is far more of a GCA-er (and geocacher in general) than I am. My full support is behind you Max :)

Re: Senate - Call for Nominations for 2015

Posted: 28 July 15 10:56 am
by caughtatwork
The last week for self nomination.

We have CraigRat (Tasmania) and caughtatwork (Victoria) as developers on the senate plus any new developers that join. These are automatic appointments.

The following nominations have been received.
LouiseAnn from Victoria.
firnsy from Western Australia.
Richary from New South Wales.
crew 153 from Queensland.
Sol de Lune from the ACT.

There are no nominations so far from Tasmania, South Australia or the Northern Territory.

If you wish to nominate yourself, please do so in this thread. You can nominate yourself regardless of whether there has been a prior nomination. We will have a vote if there is more than one nomination per state.

Normally we do not appoint a senator to a state if there is no nomination. This would leave the states of Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory unrepresented. We may look at special appointments to represent these states if there are no in-state nominations.

Nominations will end this Friday (end of July), so if you're interested, please nominate.

Re: Senate - Call for Nominations for 2015

Posted: 28 July 15 1:34 pm
by WazzaAndWenches
I have been watching this thread for a few weeks and debating with myself whether to put my hand in the air. I've been a GCA cacher for a number of years and always put GCA caches ahead of GC when I'm out and about.

Loiuse Ann from Melbourne has nominated and I think she is in a better position to represent the Victorian caching community as the vast majority of caches and cachers are based closer to Melbourne than I am (Echuca).

I will continue pushing the GCA message and will poke my hand in the air next time Senators are called.

Re: Senate - Call for Nominations for 2015

Posted: 29 July 15 11:42 pm
by Laighside Legends
I'm not exactly sure what's happened to firesafe (he's possibly in the outback with limited internet and enjoying his new caravan) but if he doesn't want to represent SA then I'm happy to put my hand up...

Re: Senate - Call for Nominations for 2015

Posted: 30 July 15 11:04 am
by Big Matt and Shell
Surprising Tassie haven't put a name forward they used to be very big on GCA.

Re: Senate - Call for Nominations for 2015

Posted: 03 August 15 10:32 am
by caughtatwork
Congratulations to the following new senators.
LouiseAnn - Victoria
Firnsy - Western Australia
Richary - New South Wales
crew 153 - Queensland
Sol de Lune - ACT

The following developers are also by default part of the Senate.
caughtatwork - Victoria
CraigRat - Tasmania

Our collective thanks go to the Senators who have stood for the last 4 years. We appreciate your contributions.

Re: Senate - Call for Nominations for 2015

Posted: 15 August 15 9:36 pm
by Zalgariath
\:D/ =D> =D> =D>