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Re: Trig question

Posted: 27 August 10 9:49 am
by caughtatwork
Now that is a brilliant link.

The MC category (which they say are TrigPoints) marks on the maps certainly seem to correspond to the TP's that have been created.

We now have a most excellent citation location for clarification of the TP's in the ACT and your post and list have been added to the wiki so we don't lose the cite.

Re: Trig question

Posted: 22 September 10 11:27 pm
by SamWalkers
pjw wrote:For those interested in sourcing some Trig Stations in the ACT the following link takes you to the ACTPLA website with a further link to the Survey Mark Database. Trigonometrical Stations are identified in the database by the code "MC". ... s_list.asp


Absolutely - the trig point quadripod identifies a MC.

Not all MCs have ever had a quadripod and disk over them (eg in Mc Kier in Aranda)
Not all trigs have a MC 'cos they are too old (eg Gooroo).
Not all trigs that are fabulous finds are any form of survey mark at all any more (eg Palmer in Amaroo)

Try looking at the fun and frustrating website - click on Advanced Maps>Survey Infrastructure then turn on all the survey control marks you want.

Trig points are fun -
I would log the second two but not the first