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Logo usage

Posted: 30 October 08 7:48 am
by Guest
Ummm I've been unable to find anything regarding copyrights or similar for using GCA marks etc, so I thought it would be polite to ask first before doing anything.

I'm currently making a blackberry app, one of the main reasons for doing so was in promoting this site etc so I wanted to point people at this site and show the logo in the about window, would this be ok?

Posted: 30 October 08 9:05 am
by caughtatwork ... =logo#1090

As long as you don't make money from it, you can use it.

Posted: 30 October 08 9:53 am
by Guest
I searched the forums/wiki/google/etc for logo usage and mostly got non-relevent stuff back, thanks for that, planning to GPL the code so it's not for commercial purposes.


Posted: 08 May 18 10:02 am
by No_Tomorrow
caughtatwork wrote: ... =logo#1090

As long as you don't make money from it, you can use it.
I definitely would not be making money from this.... can I use it in as the main image in an intro for my videos on YouTube?

Re: Logo usage

Posted: 08 May 18 7:10 pm
by CraigRat
Non commercial use doesn't require permission from anyone here.

Re: Logo usage

Posted: 08 May 18 8:15 pm
by No_Tomorrow
While I'm here I might as well ask for possible future use...

If one was to design t-shirts or other like merch to raise money for future web server fees, a large percentage still to go to the seller, is there any chance they could use the logo with paperwork to sign or something? Or is it a definite NO, no matter what the use if money is involved?

Re: Logo usage

Posted: 08 May 18 9:48 pm
by caughtatwork
You can't make money from the logo.