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Thanks Caught@Work

Posted: 11 October 08 8:01 am
by SecretSquirrel-BJC
Regardless of whether I agree with all your views re: GCA sponsorship, I just wanted to say thanks for the huge personal contribution that you give so willingly and freely to GCA. I also believe you when you say you are telling people as much as you can - you are a man of high integrity.

Thanks also to your colleague developers.

:D :D :D :D

Posted: 11 October 08 8:05 am
by zactyl
Me too! :D
I'm amazed by your stamina with timely responses to all the questions. :shock:

Posted: 11 October 08 10:31 am
by SG-3
At the risk of sounding trite and condescending, "Hear! Hear!" :D

Posted: 11 October 08 3:48 pm
by penguin

Posted: 13 October 08 7:23 pm
by crane2
The sport can't survive without people like you. I too have been staggered at the effort you put into replying to individual posts and devloping the site.

Posted: 31 March 09 10:22 pm
by Bronze