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Re: New Eyes

Posted: 18 July 08 9:44 pm
by zactyl
svn07 wrote:(and just quietly, how do I get back to the website from the forum - am I completely blind :oops: ?)
Click on the banner at the top of the page :)

Posted: 18 July 08 9:45 pm
by caughtatwork
You can get back tot he website by clicking the big Geocaching Australia logo.

We use the forum software to authenticate access, but we also store a few things for the main site in there. It makes it a little hard to keep everything in one place as version updates of the forum software undo all of the other things we place in that database.

Interesting feedback. Something to take on board.

Posted: 18 July 08 10:08 pm
by svn07
Oh I'm really blushing :oops: :oops: :oops: ! (Should have realised it would be more OBVIOUS than your average cache - difficulty 5 terrain 1 :roll: )

Thanks folks!!!! :lol: