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Geocache tattoo

Posted: 09 January 08 9:03 pm
by chatmanais
Hi all.

Considering caching has such a varied bunch of people involved and seems to be a fascination for many i was just curious to know whether or not any of you have, or know of someone who has a caching related tattoo?

Posted: 10 January 08 10:18 am
No real ones here at THENANKS household, but the kids have some temporary tattoos depicting the geocaching logo that they have worn to events. 8)

Posted: 10 January 08 10:38 am
by Team Falling Numerals
does geocaching related scar tissue count? :D :shock:

Posted: 10 January 08 11:39 am
by team unicycle
Team Falling Numerals wrote:does geocaching related scar tissue count? :D :shock:
They're not tattoos, they're trophies :D

Posted: 10 January 08 1:56 pm
by Papa Bear_Left
There's a few topics in the US forums about tatts, with some photos that look genuine.
Worth a look!


Posted: 12 January 08 12:35 am
by crane2
There are tatoos at
<a href=""></a> website in the groundspeak (more) section. 10 tatoos for US 1.50. Not sure if the Aussie site has them yet

Re: tatoos

Posted: 12 January 08 7:33 am
by Team Wibble
crane2 wrote:There are tatoos at
<a href=""></a> website in the groundspeak (more) section. 10 tatoos for US 1.50. Not sure if the Aussie site has them yet also has them for this price, and they ship to Aus.
I've bought several before, good for kids.

I certainly wouldn't get a straight permanent geocaching tattoo, but I have toyed with the idea of getting some sort of tattoo of another design that incorporates several symbols of activities that I do into it - such as an orienteering control, geocaching symbol, etc.

Posted: 12 January 08 11:15 am
by RedPaw64
Well I have a few tattoos and have considered getting something relating to Geocaching, just don't know what i would like, as they would be there for a long time... Maybe in my latest tattoo i got, I should of had her dressed in better clothing and holding a GPS lol ...


If anyone has any good ideas for caching tatts I would like to see them...

Posted: 16 January 08 2:56 pm
by Udderchaos
maybe the geocaching logo on her arm :)

that way its not really on you, its on her

Posted: 31 January 08 11:13 pm
by the ferals

Posted: 31 January 08 11:18 pm
by Richary
I have seen a couple of joke emails with tattoos, unluckily neither of them are really suited for a family forum like this!

Posted: 13 June 08 12:36 pm
by Rikki
Ok, so it's not exactly a geocache, maybe a possible Waymark? ... anyway Angelina Jolie has the coordinates of the birth places of her children tattooed to her arm to "ensure that her kids will always be able to remember where they are from."