Missing Geocoin, Attn: Brian and Ron (who ever you are)

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Missing Geocoin, Attn: Brian and Ron (who ever you are)

Post by trail_geek » 05 January 08 5:10 pm

Hi all,

Going to vent some frustration out without getting too nasty....

Visited cache Cooks tour June 24 2007 and placed Geocoin, Creacher's Traveling (Team High Point) Geo40 Series Geocoin

Spoken to the coin owner a few times as it was not moving, my fault, and as a result went up there today to retreive.

Low and behold the coin was not in the cache, nor is there any record on the cache site of it not being there.

If you know the area, its about 1.5 hours drive for me, 11.5 km round walk up to a height of 580 meters in 32 deg temp, NOT HAPPY JAN.

The owner is going to be very annoyed, me also.

So what i am asking is that if you are Brian or Ron who left the note in the cache log book, 12th September 2007, can you please either release the coin back into the wild or contact me to collect it.

Gallery doesnt appear to be working at the moment, however i have a picture of the note left at the cache so will post that when its working again.

Any help to get in contact with Brian and Ron or get the coin again would be great.


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