Happy New Year 2008

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The Spindoctors
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Happy New Year 2008

Post by The Spindoctors » 01 January 08 12:00 am

Happy New Year to you all from Sydney.

4500 or more caches found
4500 or more caches found
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Post by JABs » 01 January 08 12:02 am

May all your caches be dry.
From the JABs.

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6500 or more caches found
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Post by Richary » 01 January 08 12:36 am

Well, 2008 has to be an improvement. The only thing good 2007 brought me was a new job in Sydney, and a big climb in cache finds for a calendar year. Almost 700 for the year, happy with that. Might be a hard target to keep up but will try.

Hope everyone has a great new year, good holidays if you are taking them, and muggle free caches.

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950 or more random things achieved
950 or more random things achieved
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Post by Rigger64 » 01 January 08 12:59 am

Happy New Year From melbourne. :D :) :roll: :lol: :shock: :evil: :twisted: :!: :!: :!:

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700 or more Caches  found
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Post by listmaker » 01 January 08 1:04 am

Happy New Year!! :D :D :D

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850 or more found!!!
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Post by CraigRat » 01 January 08 1:34 am

Happy New Year!

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300 or more found
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Post by jabes7 » 01 January 08 1:54 am

Look at all the sad geocachers at home on their computers instead of out on the town! Have to save our money for petrol. Happy New Year from Brisbane too.

4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
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Post by Swampy » 01 January 08 1:55 am

What a great start to the new year.

Don't let your teenage (legal age) daughters play drinking games with only one friend. :cry:

Spent 1.5hours cleaning them up so the friends mother could come pick up hers. I hate the smell of ........

Lilac something berry carpet de-odouriser! :twisted:

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Post by theUMP » 01 January 08 2:28 am

May your DNFs be few and your inbox full of "Loved this cache!" logs in 2008!

I published over 4,300 caches in 2007, plus another couple of hundred published by i,riblit and embi, plus however many GCA caches were published, so there should be enough logbooks waiting for your signature!

And I'm sure that there'll be plenty more going out there in 2008. Make them all good ones!

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Doobie doo3
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50 or more caches found
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Post by Doobie doo3 » 01 January 08 8:40 am

Happy New Year from the small town of Drysdale (geocaching population=1)!

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1000 or more caches found
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Post by VWNuts » 01 January 08 6:47 pm

Happy New Year everyone.......anyone tried to log a cache today?? It doesnt go to 2008 yet..... :cry:

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2000 or more caches found
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Post by nomad_penguin » 01 January 08 7:14 pm

Does now :D I've been waiting all day :roll:

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1 or more caches found
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Post by unbreakables » 02 January 08 9:19 am

From the land of many micros!!!!
Hope this year is filled with much joy, many finds,
good health and happiness for all!

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100 or more tracks walked
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Post by Knot_gillty » 03 January 08 7:25 pm

Happy New Year everyone from over in Karratha, WA.

A big thanks to theUMP, i,riblit and embi for all the published caches and to all who hid them, hide more!!

Once again, Happy New Year.


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