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Importing Magellan SporTrak Pro
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Author:  tolmh [ 22 April 03 9:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Importing Magellan SporTrak Pro

Hi all

A quick introduction - we're Matt and Hazel (aka Team Chiptole) in Canberra. We've just started geocaching, although we created a account waaaay back in September 2000 - ph34r our m4d 1337 three-digit user ID :D. We posted this over at the forums, but thought we'd better post it here as well, seeing as though this is where all the Aussies seem to be hanging out.

We're using a borrowed Garmin 12 at the moment, and we're hoping to buy a unit of our own ASAP. We thought we might go with something cheap and simple like a Geko 201 or an eTrex. However, we've begun to lust after the Magellan SporTrak Pro. Minor hitch - sets the retail price at AUS$875. will let us have it for AUS$499, if they ever get it in stock (two updates of the two week delay don't fill us with hope). in the US has it for US$299, with a US$50 rebate, for a total of around AUS$420. Our mum lives in Washington DC (I guess that makes her our 'mom'), so we could get the unit shipped to her and then ask her to send it on if gpscity in Adelaide can't get their act together soon.

Long story ;) - here are our questions:

Is it possible to change the US base map to the Australian one? Where would we get the Aussie map from, and how much would it set us back? Could we back up the US map for when we visit in September? Can the unit store more than one base map in the writeable 23mb of memory space? How much Mapsend Streets data will fit in the 23mb? Is it enough for Canberra? Canberra and Sydney? A whole state?

Team Chipotle

Author:  leek [ 22 April 03 10:52 pm ]
Post subject: 

I can't vouch for the SportTrak Pro, but I know that you can replace the basemap on the Meridian models (Gold, Platinum & Color only)... <br>
I use a Magellan Meridian Yellow and 32Mb of memory holds all of NSW & ACT down to street level. These maps are available as the MapSend product and cost about $140 per state... <br>
The Meridian Basemaps are available here:<br>
Try searching for a SportTrak user group on Yahoo... the Meridian one is at

Author:  leek [ 23 April 03 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Another point

Another point I should have mentioned is that if you do decide to order from the US, it's worth getting them to send it by normal mail rather than courier... I have heard that if it's sent by courier, there is a good chance you will be slugged for customs fees, duties, GST etc... If it comes by mail, these charges are usually waived...

Author:  tolmh [ 23 April 03 6:53 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks leek - I'll do some more hunting around online and see what I can find. If I do get one from the US, I'll prolly get my mum to label it as a gift and send it by ordinary airmail.

Team Chipotle

Author:  pyrenees kid [ 23 April 03 7:58 pm ]
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I purchased a Garmin Vista from the states and it was sent out as a 'used gps' even know it was new so it didnt cost anything in dutys.
Another thing is that you cant change the basemap on the vista but I was lucky enough to come by the Mapsource that zooms out to 3km before i lose the map.
I am more than happy with the results.

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