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[Off Topic ]: The Tomorrow People.

Posted: 17 September 07 11:43 pm
by Bronze

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This thread is for a select crowd, like I who like to get on the forum to:

Talk rubbish
Complain about their day
Hijack the topic
Lay effluent on each other in fun
Gossip about whatever
Say hi
Blow whistles
Argue about the unfairness of the world
and generally shoot the breeze (what ever that means)

This thread can comprise of meaningful or meaningless random thoughts, quotes or situations that you feel don't deserve a thread or perhaps the threads available just arn't worth you hijacking.

Generally it's off limits for censoring because there is no real topic.


The Bronze -----------------Pesky Monkey-----------------Mr.Router.

Posted: 17 September 07 11:46 pm
by Mr Router
I think I have found a new home !!! aaahhhhhh :oops:
Anyone Image now I feel at home.

Posted: 17 September 07 11:56 pm
by Mr Router
I have a question ! we went caching and the batteries went flat ! what can I do ?
Buy a new gps
write to the maker
leave it in the sun and hope that works
Or buy new batteries?
I am confused can anyone help?

Posted: 18 September 07 12:03 am
by Bronze
I suggest you phone Dr. Phil.

and your in the wrong section. I refuse to answer on the grounds that....

Hmmm. I think I have forgotten what I was going to rant about.

I'm a futurist. I don't know what that means but I'm going to be one anyhow.

Hey, on the weekend I played this cool game that has absolutely nothing to do with Geocaching but I'm going to share it anyway rather than start a whole new OT thread.

It's called Kubb. It heaps of fun. We wnet down to the Japanese gardens here and had a Aussie BBQ and played this Swedish game.

Philosten and I had a round and flew kites and then we played another round at Sunset on the sunday. I did some cache maintenance as well but pretty much my whole weekend was study and playing Kubb.

It's a mix of chess, bowls, horseshoes and billards. Really good fun.

Here's a link:
Kubb is a lawn game where the object is to knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden sticks at them. Kubb (the vowel is pronounced similar to the "oo" in "wood") means "wooden block" in Gutnish, a Swedish dialect.

Kubb can be quickly described as a combination of bowling, horseshoes, and chess. The version that exists today originated on Gotland island in the kingdom of Sweden.

PS: I'm sorry but that whistle is not regulation size. Reduce it or lose it.
I'm warning you.

Posted: 18 September 07 10:33 am
by Pesky!
Whilst on the topic of Kubb!....
My GPS is continually producing the following output,can anyone help.


It just keeps streaming out...
what does it mean, why can't I unsderstand it..Please, please, please make it stop!

Posted: 18 September 07 10:52 am
by maverick
Kubb sounds like fun
:twisted: how do you move the knight piece
do you use a boomerang to move the piece

Posted: 18 September 07 2:15 pm
by Bronze
Dunno Pesky.

Maybe it swearing at you in IMEA?

No knights but there is a king. The Vikings had something to do with it so the boomerang would be a new aspect.

The whole history of the game is a bit sketchy and probably doesn't date back to the Vikings at all although a few sites do claim so.

What else has everyone been up to?

Posted: 18 September 07 2:57 pm
by crew 153
Talking about new/unusual sports.

On Sunday I attended the official opening for the first Kegel Bowl Centre in Australia. It is in Coffs Harbour.

Kegel bowling use 9 pins set in a diamond formation on a lane similar to 10 pin but using a smaller ball (6lb) with just a finger and thumb hole.

They have a range of about 30 different games to play. Some that come to mind are Bingo, Hangman, No3Pins, race to 30 pins, first to get 5 different scores.

You hire the lane by the hour with up to 8 people per lane and swap games to try them all out.

Posted: 18 September 07 5:09 pm
by Bronze
Hey that sounds cool. Do they use 10pin lanes or do they play in a park or a designated venue?

I have never heard of it. I often think the past time of playing games is lost but its nice to read that this is perhaps not true.

I used to get involved in Murder Mystery dinners and Trivial Pursuit nights but since we no longer live with that crowd at Newcastle we of course don't get invites anymore. Maybe when I return.

Posted: 18 September 07 5:21 pm
by wombles
I like the idea of this thread, I always think it's far too quiet in here!

I love trivia nights though I usually don't know any answers, my team at the New Zealand bookcrossing convention in Wellington won through a combination of bribery and points for the most ridiculous answers possible!

I haven't been caching in ages, looking forward to these school holidays to finally make it to 200 found!

I'm going to Melbourne in 2 weeks, anyone want to recommend some caches in the CBD/ Middle park area?

Posted: 18 September 07 5:21 pm
by crew 153
It's in a building like 10 pin.
They have set it up nicely with fantastic artwork on the walls, disco lighting and a great sound system
The lanes are laminex type finish. No oil on the lanes.
You can use your street shoes.
The scoring is automatic.

The pins are reset by a cord in the top of the pins.

Check out their website

Posted: 18 September 07 5:39 pm
by Bronze
Wombles: Thanks for complementing the thread. The idea actually comes from another forum I'm in. The "The Tomorrow People" thread there aims to make pages in the thousands so anything goes and it's just one long conversation. It doesn't need a sticky because it's always just going on and on and on. Somehow it becomes cohesive. Just people's days and interests.

Sorry but I'm not that familiar with Melbourne and haven't cached there. Last time I was there was for 4 hours to buy a motorbike (BMW K100) and ride it back to Qld. That was before I discovered caching.

Crew153: Sounds like a very simple and comfortable setup. I'd like to find out more about it for sure. Maybe find if there is one near me and have a go. There's a lot to be said for games and tweaking the rule of existing games. Look at what bumper bars have done for tenpin.

Posted: 18 September 07 5:45 pm
by crew 153
Sorry Bronze. At present you will have to go to Coffs to play. It's the only one in Australia.

Posted: 18 September 07 5:47 pm
by wombles
There's always barefoot bowls too, supposed to be fun?

Why are my spaces gone when I post?

If we did this in most other forums I visit, we'd get kicked out :)

Posted: 18 September 07 5:57 pm
by Map Monkey
Speaking of being kicked out......
Pesky! wrote:Whilst on the topic of Kubb!....
My GPS is continually producing the following output,can anyone help.


It just keeps streaming out...
what does it mean, why can't I understand it..Please, please, please make it stop!
I'm quite concerned that Pesky has been stealing a Garmin Etrex Summit GPS from some guy in Saitama, Japan. What's more, the Police know that he stole it on the 18 July 2000 at 00:24:56 UTC when only 5 satellite signals were being received.

Shame on you Pesky, Let's vote for a Image