GeoCaching Names - How did people come up with them

For all your general chit chat, caching or not.
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Post by pickupfamily » 14 June 07 9:43 pm

Pickup is our surname, true!

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Post by unbreakables » 15 June 07 3:14 pm

Our's is also quiet simple, We drive Unbreakable LuxTrux's and like they say in the adds, Drive a Hilux and you'll think!!! so we kinda thought that would work, + Unbreakable LuxTrux's is my name in another forum.

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Post by davroy » 15 June 07 6:52 pm

I started using this name back in 1993 in an online MUSH game, been using it ever since for anything online related. Dunno where I got it from, I think I just made it up.

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The Barramundi's
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Post by The Barramundi's » 21 June 07 9:11 pm

Our surname is Mundi, so the Mrs said what about The Barramundi's, we all loved it. Our RAV has the rego of BARRA 2 on it as well.

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Post by Lucy » 22 June 07 1:53 pm

Lucy is the name of my Geomobile, and Roo is the name of my wife's Geomobile. I have used Lucy as a name on various forums for the last 8 years, but I couldn't get Lucy on Lucy is sometimes short for Lucifer! It's funny tho', cos' Lara is the name of our most-used-for-caching Geomobile (named by the kids for - yes - Lara Croft). It gets used most as it's the best set up, most capable and least likely to make us cringe when we dent/scratch/bend it.

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scrub bull
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Post by scrub bull » 22 June 07 7:42 pm

Scrub Bull is what I go by at archery, mostly from spending alot of time bashing thought the bush looking for lost arrows.
I don't miss so often these days and I like the name.

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Post by ADAcache » 22 June 07 10:37 pm

ADAcache was invented when my wife, son and I started playing together. It is the initial from each of our names with cache on the end.<br><br>
Of course son has splintered off into Ash-Dash but still like the name. :D

Grahame Cookie
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4000 or more? I'm officially obsessed.
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Grahame Cookie

Post by Grahame Cookie » 24 June 07 1:40 am

:shock: Not real hard to work out! Yes it is Cooke, with an 'E'!

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Post by Eynowd » 26 June 07 1:25 pm

Mine's a name I started using when I was made 2IC of a MUD back in my uni days. I've been using it online ever since.

It's a name my friend originally came up with as a character name for a role-playing game, and when I was hunting for a MUD character name, I asked him could use it and he said "sure!". It actually a bastardisation of the UNIX term "i-node".

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