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Posted: 21 August 07 12:29 pm
by The Spindoctors
That is the another. People can record on their own PCs and email it in.

The advantage of the number, is that people can call it in from the field at an event, FTF or a 'normal' cache find.

The cost of the number is 16 euro a quarter or 50 a year. I think it may be less under Skype Pro. I'm considering shifting from my current VoIP to them anyway.

Posted: 21 August 07 3:04 pm
by Pesky!
mtrax wrote:I wonder if there is another option which you can use for free?
eg some sort of online audio dump ie some s/w that people can record "online" using something like Yak Pack but saves to mp3 etc..
if you are looking, have a look at this site
You can record directly to a widget in your webpage, or blog.
The free version limits you to 2 minutes per recording, that should be enough for stingers and tag lines for your podcasts, a paid version gives you up to 30mins per recording!

this site has an example running: ... -recorder/

its a little cheesey,but you can get the idea.

if you do set one up you can moderate and approve each message before it is made public to avoid anything unwanted. It looks like you can save the recordings to Mp3 too.

Posted: 21 August 07 3:33 pm
by Pesky!
Here's one I prepared earlier, give it a try...<br>
( all submissions are moderated )<br>

<embed src=" ... code=10924" quality="high" bgcolor="#000000" width="168" height="242" name="MyChingo_Player1" align="middle" play="true" loop="false" allowScriptAccess="never" swliveconnect="true" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=" ... /embed><br>
Spindoc, if youwant to replace this widget with an official geotalk one,then let me know and ill remove this one.

Posted: 21 August 07 3:42 pm
by mtrax
doesn't work for me on Firefox 2.0 in WindowsXP but works ok with IE 6

Code: Select all

java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: RPApplet (Unsupported major.minor version 48.0)

	at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass0(Native Method)

	at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source)

Posted: 21 August 07 4:31 pm
by Pesky!
Im running firefox without any problems...
maybe you need to run java update?

Posted: 21 August 07 4:38 pm
by mtrax
I have the latest but I think oracle or some older version of java are messing with Firefox..
ie firefox isn't using 1.6 but my older 1.3 version which I need for some other app I use.
I disabled the plugin scanning for java forced it to use 1.6
its working now..

Note: I've posted two messages, but I don't see them,
do you need to approve them?

Posted: 21 August 07 5:38 pm
by Pesky!
do i need to approve them... well yes as this is a family show.
I expect everyone will behave in a G rated way. But just in case.
you have the choice as the owner to make all messages public straight away, or moderate them.
your messages should be up now.

G for geocacher that is.

Posted: 21 August 07 5:42 pm
by mtrax
gee your voice is sorta ... young sounding MM... lol

Posted: 21 August 07 6:18 pm
by Bronze
Well thats not right.

Pesky and Riblit are twins. :shock:

Posted: 21 August 07 7:36 pm
by Pesky!
Bronze wrote:Well thats not right.

Pesky and Riblit are twins. :shock:
:twisted: did you ever see that b-grade movie called basket case? :twisted:

Posted: 21 August 07 8:35 pm
by Map Monkey
mtrax wrote:gee your voice is sorta ... young sounding MM... lol
Yeh, I also type rather well for a 3YO. :P My son actually chose the third message himself. :roll:


Posted: 21 August 07 10:09 pm
by Knot_gillty
With any luck i will be finding my 100th cache while on holiday on the Gold Coast for a wedding. Expect to get a phone call when i find it. Going on the 5th of Sept to the 12th, so any time in between. Cheers

Posted: 21 August 07 11:26 pm
by mtrax
this is pretty good for hardly no effort (and free) I think

Posted: 22 August 07 11:09 am
by Pesky!
mtrax wrote:this is pretty good for hardly no effort (and free) I think
Yes it is free, and it took all of 10 minutes to register an account( free), then set up the colour scheme and customise the look and feel.
It would be even quicker if I didn't change anything and use the defaults.

The paid up version has several clever functions to add a mini player to individual blog entries/webpages and longer recording times etc. it integrates into your code better when you pay for it, some examples can be found on the following page:
however a lot of the links seem to be hiding their comments link.

Thinking about how Spindoc could use the free one. we could post individual short answers (<2mins) to a list of questions he publishes then have them cut and pasted together at the other end into an interview format..

which could lead to some amusing sound bites if the sequence went wrong, deliberately or otherwise...

Posted: 24 August 07 4:07 pm
by mtrax
hello spindoc!