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[poll] 2007 australian geocoin

Posted: 06 December 06 3:49 am
by forthferalz
make 2007 coin a group effort?
Also anyone with other ideas to post here?

"Corroboree coin" ( corroboree frog + black nickel version of 2006 map design)
"green and gold"( transparent enamel over gold)
"caching rocks" ( opal and uluru)

Posted: 06 December 06 7:28 am
by CraigRat
I'd like to see it have a different map design this year, one a bit less like the logo at the top of the page....

Green and Gold would be a good color scheme given the likely outcome of the ashes this year!

Posted: 06 December 06 8:04 am
by Team Seedsman
A multiple piece "jigsaw" coin, each piece representing a state, floral emblem on each, and the seperate coins interlock to make map of Australia.

Posted: 06 December 06 9:28 am
by The Ginger Loon
I'd like to ask why this thread is in this area?

Posted: 06 December 06 9:50 am
by Team Falling Numerals
I spose a bit of voting goes on in Senates???? :?

Posted: 06 December 06 10:15 am
by Map Monkey
Team Falling Numerals wrote:I spose a bit of voting goes on in Senates???? :?
Shouldn't this be in the "Caucus" section :roll:

::edit:: add Image


Posted: 06 December 06 10:49 am
by forthferalz
In case this idea might help to Galvanise an informal group amongst aussies with an attitude problem to having a formal society; the Taiwanese managed it recently (gorgeous coin). Offshore sales should raise revenue and since there is no society rather than, US cachers and a chinese "mint" taking ALL the profits the corroboree frog which is about to go extinct in the next 3? years looks like a starter for donations if I was to sell a coin. Shift it wherever you think is more appropriate the BIN is also fine

Posted: 06 December 06 10:58 am
by forthferalz
Team BaggyGreens wrote:A multiple piece "jigsaw" coin, each piece representing a state, floral emblem on each, and the seperate coins interlock to make map of Australia.
wow that would be expensive but we could make a base coin with Uluru and ACT as the starting coin and collect the other states over a year - kind of like the four annual MIGO seasonal issues - this could follow the 6 indigenous seasons:
Finishing orient express game tonight and got an idea for coin -
( aargh pictures still don't insert for me)
the lone puzzle piece is a PIN that fits into the coin in recessed "tray area" in corner of rectangular coin with a hole in it to lock in the pin so you can stick your coin on to a bag hat etc. It would be fun to have different country flags on puzzle bits, (aboriginal/trad blue aussie ) or background colours so cachers can trade pins with one another. <br>Random special last bit, team name etched here and Spare pin to suit found/DNF are other variations possible. State flowers would work but the set up fee would be HUGE I think unless perhaps this was a screen print area. The idea also works with a magnetic attachment to the "tray" area if you want 2 coins - one is micro- share track number and just let either bit travel.

The currency coins have the state emblems on them already, we have currency collectible state federation coins too.

Posted: 06 December 06 11:14 am
by Map Monkey
Call me "old-fashioned", but i would like to see the 2007 Geocoin look like a coin :P By all means run with the other ideas for other Aussie sets, i even was going to do something similiar myself one day, just that i believe a Coin representing Australian geocaching should be affordable by all......and who would really want to collect the ACT, especially with the coin being so small compared to the other States/Territories :twisted:

I would still like to see AdaCache's reponse before jumping the gun and taking anything away from him.

BTW i should respond like other forums do to such an initial idea:

"Sounds Good, 1 for me please"


Posted: 06 December 06 11:27 am
by Cached
ADAcache is probably scarce at the moment, he's in the middle of a move from ACT to VIC.

I'll drop him a line and ask him to comment anyway.

Posted: 06 December 06 11:29 am
by Papa Bear_Left
FWIW, the Kiwis got together and did a committee design (from memory, it was a typical process; one person did most of the work and got a few suggestions when it was nearly finished!)

You can see the result here.

I bought a couple; one's been mailed to me and the other one I'm planning to have make it across here via caches!

Posted: 06 December 06 11:44 am
by forthferalz
well it's not even drawn! The process if you know what you are doing can have a turn around time of 6-8 weeks.
For ballpark figure on a multi coin set kayakerinme made an awesome 5 coin set that interlocks simply - BIG coins, 3d separate tracking! middlemen, and they cost US$30 each SET due to econmomies of scale. As long as there are 500-1000 coins and there is vision a set of coins is probably not going to be as expensive as it sounds and spread over a year would be quite ok.

<br>However personally I prefer a single cheap coin idea

Posted: 06 December 06 11:47 am
by forthferalz
I didn't think the kiwi was a committee design - hexthekiwi is US based cacher and allowed the GPS society in NZ to sell the coin as a fundraiser. bit like the first 'aussie' coin. The UK coin was committee coin - isle of man and the cornish are by groups.

Posted: 06 December 06 1:40 pm
by Team Falling Numerals
Map Monkey wrote:
BTW i should respond like other forums do to such an initial idea:

"Sounds Good, 1 for me please"

...and me...I'll have two in each metal!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :shock:

A circular coin is our preference - a simple design that highlights an aspect of living and caching here in Aust. Some group efforts that come out of the states look awful as too many emblems are crammed onto the small space.

Posted: 06 December 06 1:57 pm
by forthferalz
Surely- the adacache design was lovely for its bold simplicity - the caching aspect is hard to generalise ( no ammo cans for us!) ?make an S at the top of a compass rose
?forming it into part of a 'slogan' like Great Southern Land (?G that generic geocaching sig with cross)

<br> another roo/photo coin "skippy etrex"? - I 'll find the link to photo belongs to a tassie cacher
I liked the cultural aspect of the BC coin - althought it hadn't much to do with caching except it reperesented the landscape and was a committee coin. They got teh whole shebangmountains to sea on it reallywell. We're no really urban/microcache types so landscape is important do you think?
<br>taiwanese have map simply done/animal emblem 8 weeks to coin in hand ... uage_tools
MAPLESS/lousy sat lock under dense canopy is my biggest impression to date of caching in tasmania :) so the personal coin will have something along the lines of that on it!