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Snake snake!!

Post by If » 21 September 06 11:16 pm

Yep! That was the biggest snake I've ever seen at Snake! Snake! :shock:
Dunno about it being a brown though ? More of a polkadot I would have thought :D
But then again, thinking back, every Burdair3 cache was hidden in prime snake territory :D
Carry a big stick 8)

The Garner Family
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Post by The Garner Family » 22 September 06 1:59 am

We came across a 5ft python tonight, lovely little thing he was.
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Post by Bundyrumandcoke » 23 September 06 8:35 pm

Went on Bundys Bundy Blitz today, Saw 2 snakes, one crossed the road just in front of me approaching Bundy Views, and another met its demise under the wheels of an approaching vehicle on my way back home. Both interactions are fine and dandy with me, cause I hate snakes.

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Post by djcache » 24 September 06 1:34 am

First caching snake:
Polly McQuinns Wombat Hole (Derringer's)
Small brown snake guarding the likely location of the first micro. Gave up this one for winter caching only after that.

Second caching snake:
Polly's Well (??owner)
After finding the cache - SWMBO reached in for it - we moved off and logged it over lunch. After lunch Miss 5y/o went to rehide the cache. She wandered off and shortly returned cache in hand. When asked what was wrong she calmly replied, "The grass over there is moving - and it wasn't me and it wasn't the flies!"

Sure enough when I followed her back the last 2 feet of small brown snake disappeared into the hiding spot. The cache was rehidden nearby (not more than a metre or so) and the owner contacted to put a warning in the logs.

Third caching snake:
Nearby "Snakeyland (Dan & Blocko) while taking the dogs for a swim, the approaching people advised of a small tiger (2-3 foot) on the side of the track down near the river (it turned out they were new local cachers!). Sure enough a very early Sept 2nd saw a warmer day and the first for this year. Appropriate given the cache name!

Record in one day (precaching):
While climbing Mt Bishop on Wilsons Prom in the 80's we saw 14 snakes in about a 4 hour walk. Lovely warm day and they took advantage of the lack of shade on the track.


Biggles Bear
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Post by Biggles Bear » 24 September 06 7:36 am

The Ginger Loon wrote:...........

Going slightly O/T for the moment but on topic for bad movies, does anyone remember a b-grade shocker from the 70's called "The Giant Spider Invasion"? I saw this when I was about 13 or so and it was really terrible. But then it got much worse when this guy in a spider outfit (complete with extra arms) rolled off the side of the stage/screen area and ran through the crowd, trying to scare everybody. :oops:

I think my reaction was to offer him one of my chips... :lol:

Eight-Legged Freaks is pretty bad in funny sort of way :lol:

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SWAG agg
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Post by SWAG agg » 25 September 06 2:34 pm

I haved walked around the area near this cache almost every day for 5 years, and never seen a snake. However... ... d92a19e791
It's at about this time of year that I stop taking the dog into the bush. She's never seen a snake, and I'm certain she would get bitten chasing one into it's hidey hole.

And this from a few months ago: ... 7a77a0fb36


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Post by Hounddog » 26 September 06 1:56 pm

My Snake spotting list.

Snakes were spotted very near......

Snakes and Ladders.
Hi Way Low Way
Wombat Stash
Ruff and Tumble
MV Maitland
Lovers Jump
Ancient Orange
The Rock Hopper
Waters Edge
Tumbledown Dick

The list goes on.....

Just be careful and not play around with them and you will be ok. Wear Gaiters or long pants in summer.

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Post by Dik: » 25 October 06 2:53 pm

OK, now it's a snake in a cache, or at least in the pit that contained the cache, under the cache, and I needed to put the cache back on top of it again. It's only a baby, but that's scarry. ... b24449d988

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Post by Magpie » 26 October 06 2:56 pm

Hey Dik:, from your photo it looks more like a legless lizard, note the lack of a long tail. Possibly Pygopus schraderi or lepidopodus. Of course, don't play with it cause I'm probably wrong ;)

president & 1st lady
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1250 or more geocaches found
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Post by president & 1st lady » 26 October 06 3:44 pm

We had a cacher here who used to put rubber snakes in cache hides. Scared me somewhat when I went to retrieve the cache and there was a 'snake' watching me. Thankfully the cacher has left Dubbo (we miss you Mix, just not your snakes ;)) and moved on to hide snakes with caches in other areas.

We've also seen a rubber snake IN a cache.

As for live snakes at caches, we have only spotted two snakes while caching (thank goodness!) Both were at Bail Up, an Alex cache. We hate snakes so much we called the search off and climbed back down the hill.

We did have an encounter with a big black hairy spider at a cache recently. Scared the cr@p out of me, and it wasn't even climbing on me. It wasn't too bad, until the Prez lunged at me spider first. Girls hey, who'd take them caching ;).

1st lady

Crisp image
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350 ? I am the lizard queen
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Post by Crisp image » 27 October 06 8:58 pm

:? @ snakes sighted on October 26th in Sheperton area. 1 in a stump that I was going to look in and one on the road.
Have seen snakes out bushwalking in the past.

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4500 or more caches found
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Post by Bundyrumandcoke » 29 October 06 1:40 am

Snake spotted at Mums the Word, just across the creek, at the bottom of the steps. My 2 girls were racing for the cache, and nearly jumped on it.

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Papa Bear_Left
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Post by Papa Bear_Left » 29 October 06 12:15 pm

Crisp image wrote:Have seen snakes out bushwalking in the past.

I thought the bush was just where they lived!

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Post by ArgusTuft » 29 October 06 1:11 pm

suedenharr wrote:But what if they are a tree snake? :roll: and you can not out run a hoop snake; unless (of course) you run uphill :lol:
No need to run up hill, easier to just climb a tree. Ever tried to roll a hoop UP a tree? Only problem with climbing a tree to escape a hoop snake is, you might meet a drop bear before he drops. Solution: all caches should be made in empty but not washed clean Vegemite jars!
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Post by SUBYDAZZ » 02 November 06 4:12 pm

I come across snakes from time to time around the place, my latest close encounter was when looking for a Mix multi near Blackbutt Reserve in Newcastle:


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