Beni Event Cache a Success!

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After reading about the last Beni Weekend, I would like to come.

Poll ended at 13 February 04 4:07 pm

Yes, given enough notice.
No, dosen't interest me.
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Beni Event Cache a Success!

Post by Bronze » 15 December 03 4:07 pm

Can those who attended post comments / opinions / feedback for the next Beni Event cause we just want it to get better and better whoever has it!

If you didn't attend our Beni Weekend please complete the poll and post a suggestion what changes, dates, event ideas you would like included into the next Beni Event. Team '80' might include them.

Well, what a weekend.

Congratulations to all out trophy winners. Team '80' of Red Ochre Caching took out the Beni Trophy with Geoquacks of Melbourne earning 875 points on Sunday for Second and Geo-Nads claiming third.

Futherest traveled was a shoot out between Brisbane's AandM and the Geoquacks from Melbourne. After some debate it was awarded to AandM. I would have like to have given it to both teams.

ToolkiT took out the coverted "Muddiest cache mobile but had plenty of competition from Team '80' and Geo-nads. Well done to the Subaru. I'll post a couple of photo's later.

Till I do that and .au has our site hosted here is ToolkiT's link: ... 0&y=ao2dpj

Fortunately it was a safe weekend with only 1 spider bite (harmless apparently) and a minor slip causing some discomfort for M in AandM. From an organisers perspective I would have only had 3 caches on the Saturday and 1 Sunday had I the chance to run it again. I had not counted on teams being so tired on arrival. With the impromtu inclusion of the 'Dam Arthur' cache the hour was too late for a safe assent to "the Cunundrum" and completion of "Beni Witch Prospect". The locals not being so tired had the definate advantage. I tried hard to ensure it was fair and more importanly safe.

Thankyou to all teams for your attendance. Red Ochre Caching with myself welcome you support and hope you enjoyed yourself. Next event will not only be cooler, shorter and even more organised but it will be held by Team '80'.

Merry Christmas if thats your thing and I wish all cachers a safe and festive New Year. May the counts clock up over the 03/04 transition. I know mine will.

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Post by ToolkiT » 15 December 03 4:44 pm

It was a great event!
Next time a few less caches would be ideal, especially after driving a long distance.
Was good to meet some other cachers in the flesh and get some mud on the car :)
This event showed us a whole other side of Dubbo and great bits of the country around it.

Congrats to Team80 on winning and thanks to Bronze for organizing!

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400 or more spectacular views seen
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Post by aandm » 15 December 03 5:18 pm

Thanks to Bronze for organizing the weekend. You did an excellent job.

Our trophys have taken pride of place in our home amongst all the renovations. The tiler whom we rushed home for, didn't turn up today as planned!!! :cry:

We arrived home at 12:01 am (Queensland time) this morning after leaving Dubbo yesterday.

We had a great time caching and meeting everyone.

Thanks also goes to ToolkiT for the bottle of home brew. Congrats to everyone who won. Especially Team 80! We loved your 4WD but I don't think we will be getting one like it in the too near future.

The machanic said today that the air conditioning compressor has gone in Andrew's car so you can imagine our trip home without an air conditioner.

Thanks again to all those involved.

Andrew and Maryan (AandM)

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150 or more caches found
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Post by GeoQuacks » 20 December 03 2:35 pm

Kate and I got home last night after a long drive of about 1130 km from Walgett and a total trip distance of about 3500 km. We had a great time (Kate particularly on the second day) at the Beni weekend. We were very impressed with all the organisation and effort that the Bronze had put into setting up and checking all the caches for the event. It was also really great to meet other caches from Sydney, Brisbane and around Dubbo.

I ±Kate will be back with more time to find some more of the caches hidden in the ROC region. I think that the number of caches there will soon make the area popular for caching holidays.

We somehow managed to get 850 (not 875 as has been reported) in the Beni Treasure Challenge. We cruised around at a not too frantic pace and are not really that sure how we won it. Our only idea is that we were aided by other teams competing for the Dirtiest Cachemobile award and by Andrew and MaryanÂ’s broken air conditioner, which would have made competing seriously difficult, let alone driving back to Brisbane. I cannot imagine how annoyed they would have been when the tiler that they had made their quick trip home for did not turn up.

Thanks to the Bronze, ROC and specifically Chandler and Jackson for making friends with us,


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